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Union formed to protect students

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The first campus union against domestic violence was set up by eight universities in Beijing on Sunday to deal with violent relationship breakups.

Nine student societies from eight universities formed the union with help from the Anti-Domestic Violence Network of the China Law Society (ADVN), an NGO founded in 2000 to protect women's rights.

Liu Xiaojuan, an official from ADVN, told METRO it is now necessary to raise public attention levels about the number of violence cases against female students during and after a relationship.

"We have noticed that when a man dumps a woman, she usually remains quiet and deals with her own pain. But when a man is dumped by a woman, violent revenge is a possibility," Liu said.

According to a report released by ADVN in May this year, 90 percent of domestic violence is caused by men.

"We hope this union will attract more universities to offer better gender education to college students and reduce the number of potential domestic violence cases in the future," she added.

"A quarter of my student clients come to me with post-breakup concerns," Wang Jing, a psychological counselor at the China Women University, said yesterday.

Wang has worked as a psychological counselor at CWU for six years and says she receives around 70 female student clients every term. She added that women are still the weaker of the two sexes in China.

"Though they are not necessarily hurt physically, the emotional damage they suffer has a huge impact on their daily lives," she said.

Wang also pointed out that increasingly more university students are under pressure to accept premarital sex despite traditional Chinese culture that teaches the opposite.

Song Jingjing, vice-director of the psychological education center at China Agriculture University, said she hasn't seen any big changes regarding gender violence among university couples.

"It's always there, but it has only drawn public attention in the last two or three years," she said.

When it comes to relationships, university students are facing more complicated issues than before such as premarital sex and rising worries about virginity, Song said.

All 30 male university students who attended the opening ceremony of the union pledged to control masculine violence.

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Union formed to protect students

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Union formed to protect students

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