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Teens targeted in clampdown on karaoke clubs

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Shanghai is tightening its supervision of entertainment venues as more and more teenagers flock to karaoke clubs during school holidays for Spring Festival.

The Shanghai Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Unit said it was aware of some karaoke television clubs, or KTVs, being lax in checking the age of their patrons.

Rules specify people younger than the age of 18 are not allowed entry to KTVs and other entertainment venues that are deemed to be unhealthy to the personal development of juveniles. The list also includes Internet cafes, night clubs and video game halls.

KTV operators, however, said young people make up the majority of their customers during the holiday seasons.

"Winter break is always one of the peak times for us and teenagers are one of our major customer groups," said a female staff member surnamed Chen at a KTV on east Nanjing road in Huangpu district.

"We don't mind paying the fines for admitting under-aged customers," she said. "The fines are a small amount compared to the potential income."

KTV operators said they don't usually check the identity cards of their customers.

Juveniles complain the regulations are "out of date and too strict".

Pan Bo, a 17-year-old high school student in the district, said: "KTV is clean and healthy. I don't see anything filthy at all. It's just a place for fun. We deserve a little fun after such a long term at school. We teenagers also need a social life."


1. What does KTV stand for?

2. Why are people younger than 18 not allowed into KTVs?

3. Why aren’t KTV operators checking the identity cards of their customers?


1. KTV stands for karaoke television clubs.

2. Authorities say that KTVs and other entertainment venues such as Internet cafes, nightclubs and video game halls are considered “unhealthy” to the personal development of juveniles.

3. They say the winter is a peak time for young customers, and that they don’t mind paying fines to reap the income from young customers.


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Teens targeted in clampdown on karaoke clubs

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Teens targeted in clampdown on karaoke clubs

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