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Fireworks explosion kills 21, injures 48

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Twenty-one people, including five children, were killed and 48 were injured in an explosion triggered by a fireworks display in a village in Guangdong province.

The fireworks were set off by the family of former village chief Yang Junshu outside their home in Shiqiaotou village, Junbu, Puning, in eastern Guangdong at about 8 pm on Friday.

Some of the fireworks fell on a cache of fireworks stored in front of their home and triggered a series of explosions. The family had bought hundreds of thousands of yuan worth of fireworks directly from the producer, claimed villagers.

The explosion created a seven-meter wide, two-meter deep pit in front of Yang's home.

Thirteen people died at the scene and eight died at hospital. Among the injured, 47 were receiving treatment at hospital, including seven who were in critical conditions, according to provincial office. Eleven bodies have been identified, including five children.

Police have detained Yang Junshu and his nephew Yang Keqin, and their family has already paid 8 million yuan ($1.2 million) for medical expenses, rehabilitation and compensation for victims.

The explosion prompted the State Council to urge local authorities to strengthen safety measures for the Lantern Festival, which fell Sunday, and marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations.

According to statistics from the public security ministry, fireworks led to the deaths of 11 people and injured 1,808 nationwide from Feb 13-19.


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Fireworks explosion kills 21, injures 48

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Fireworks explosion kills 21, injures 48

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