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Once a protected site, now a flashy nightclub

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A recent move to turn a building at the historic Whampoa Military Academy, the cradle of China's modern revolutions and military reforms, into a nightclub has sparked public outrage.

Located in downtown Guangzhou's Yanjiang Road, the building at the academy's Guangdong alumni association has been converted into the Hei Hei Nightclub, which opened its doors to the public after the Spring Festival.

The three-story building, where the academy's first headmaster Chiang Kai-shek once worked, was listed as a protected relic by the government of Guangzhou in 1987.

"It is outrageous. Such an important heritage building has been destroyed," said Li Xianheng, former director of Guangdong Provincial Museum of Revolutionary History.

The academy, which was set up by China's pioneer revolutionary Sun Yat-sen in 1924, is one of the country's most import landmarks.

"The internal flooring and historic structure of the building have been totally changed," said Li, adding that the construction of the nightclub had seriously damaged the historical site.

An "urgent" notice to recruit staff for the nightclub today hangs beside a plate that says the building is a protected relic.

Lots of people visited the nightclub since it opened after the Spring Festival, a security guard said.

The building was used as the office of a local telecommunication company for years before it was turned into an entertainment venue, according to Liu Xiaoming, an official with the Guangzhou cultural authority.

He said the nightclub started operating before the government inspected the project after its completion.

The site, which was built in 1924, was once a gathering spot for students and masters of the academy, according to Liu.

"So, we approved the nightclub project," Liu told China Daily on Friday.

However, he said the authority has issued warnings to the owners of the nightclub to rectify the project as "some internal structures were seriously destroyed during construction".


1. What was the historic site transformed into?

2. Who founded the original site?

3. When was it founded?


1. A night club

2. Sun Yat-sen

3. 1924


(中国日报网英语点津 Julie 编辑)

Once a protected site, now a flashy nightclub

Once a protected site, now a flashy nightclub

Todd Balazovic is a reporter for the Metro Section of China Daily. Born in Mineapolis Minnesota in the US, he graduated from Central Michigan University and has worked for the China daily for one year.