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Hong Kong home sales are on a roll

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Home sales in Hong Kong jumped to the highest level in five months as an economic rebound and the lowest borrowing costs in at least 20 years spur demand.

Sales rose 13 percent to 40.8 billion Hong Kong dollars -- or $5.25 billion US dollars -- in February from the previous month, the Land Registry said on Tuesday on its website. The number of transactions climbed 10 percent to 11,733, the agency said.

The jump in home-buying underscores concern that the property market may overheat after prices surged 29 percent last year. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government raised taxes on luxury-home sales and pledged to boost the supply of apartments after reporting an increase in fourth-quarter economic growth last week.

"With the economic recovery and a low interest rate environment, it's hard to put a bearish feel on the property market," said Buggle Lau, chief property analyst at realty company Midland Holdings Ltd.

The gains will be sustained "unless we see rates increase significantly, or the government introduces more measures", he said.

Hong Kong banks are offering home loans at interest rates that are the lowest in at least 20 years.

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Hong Kong home sales are on a roll

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Hong Kong home sales are on a roll

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