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Corruption, livelihoods top concerns at sessions

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The fight against corruption and the improvement of people's livelihoods are the most pressing issues for the upcoming annual sessions of China’s top legislature and political advisory body, according to an online survey conducted by China Daily.

Some 57.27 percent of the respondents said the anti-corruption push is the most urgent topic to be discussed during the two sessions. The survey was posted on the China Daily website in late January. Some 21.83 percent of respondents were from other countries.

Soaring real estate prices (55.57 percent), the widening gap between the rich and the poor (54.18 percent), better medical insurance and fair education (43.96 percent) are the other top four concerns for the respondents.

In a similar survey by Xinhua News Agency, the top three issues of most concern are income disparities, housing and the anti-corruption bid.

"Without a fair income distribution system, China cannot achieve a harmonious society," one netizen said.

"Corruption is most severe among county-level officials. And the anti-corruption fight should be carried out beginning with grassroots departments," said another netizen.

On Monday, a dozen metropolitan newspapers published a common editorial calling for the quick reform of household registration.

Last Saturday, Premier Wen Jiabao had his second annual online chat with the public, in which he answered more than 20 questions, most of them related to domestic affairs.

Wen further stressed the importance of the fair distribution of social wealth and called for an increase in people's incomes in relation to the national income, as well as the use of fiscal and tax instruments to help disadvantaged groups.


1. What are two of the top three concerns expressed by netizens in a poll by China Daily?

2. What are two other concerns expressed in the poll and in other publications?

3. How does Premier Wen Jiabao want to address the big gap between the poor and rich in China?


1. The income gap and government corruption are two big concerns listed in the poll.

2. The skyrocketing prices of houses and the need for better medical insurance and education are among other concerns.

3. Wen called for an increase in people's incomes in relation to the national income, as well as the use of fiscal and tax instruments to help disadvantaged groups.


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Corruption, livelihoods top concerns at sessions

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Corruption, livelihoods top concerns at sessions

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