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The Philippines reflects on past games and hopes for future success

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The Philippines ambassador to China hopes the Asian games will further strengthen ties between the two nations and promises that his country will field a team that is lean but mean.

The two nations developed contacts through trade hundreds of years ago, and this year they celebrate 35 years of official diplomatic relations. Now the games can play a role in developing the relationship.

"We hope that our participation in the Asian games in Guangzhou will further strengthen our ties with the Chinese people," Francisco L. Benidicto, the Philippines ambassador to China, told China Daily.

The ambassador was a teenager when the Philippines hosted the 2nd Asian Games in 1954. "I remember feeling excited, not only about the games itself, but also about the idea of all these world class foreign athletes coming to the Philippines."

That year the Philippines enjoyed their best performance. Filipinos won 44 medals, 14 of them gold. In 1958 the country also did well where they won 48 medals, including nine golds in Tokyo.

A memorable moment for the Philippines was when Lydia de Vega was twice crowned as Asia's fastest woman when she won the 100-meter dash gold medal, at the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games and at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games.

The ambassador confirmed that the nation’s athletes are in the thick of preparations for the 2010 Games. The Philippine Sports Commission has earmarked US$ 4.25 million for training athletes and participating in the games.


1. Did the Philippines and China develop their relationship through sports?

2. How many medals did the Filipinos win when the Philippines hosted the 2nd Asian Games in 1954?

3. How is the Philippines preparing for the 2010 Asian Games in China?


1. No, the two countries first developed strong relations through trade.

2. The Filipinos won 44 medals, including 14 gold medals.

3. The Philippine Sports Commission will spend $4.25 million to train athletes and participate in the upcoming games in China.


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The Philippines reflects on past games and hopes for future success

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The Philippines reflects on past games and hopes for future success

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