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Nicklaus tips Woods to play Masters

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Golden Bear expects troubled Tiger to tee off at Augusta on April 8

Jack Nicklaus thinks Tiger Woods will play in next month's Masters.

Nicklaus said on Wednesday that "it would surprise me" if Woods did not return to competitive golf in time for the Masters, a tournament the embattled world No 1 has won four times in his career.

"I suspect he'll play something before Augusta," Nicklaus said behind the 18th green at the PGA National in Florida, where the Honda Classic opens on Thursday.

"Your guess is as good as mine. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't play something before Augusta."

Nicklaus has been reluctant to comment much about Woods since the saga involving revelations of infidelity began late last year, saying more than once that someone else's private life isn't any of his business.

He reiterated that belief again Wednesday after finishing his Pro-Am round at the South Florida course he redesigned.

A person with knowledge of Woods' schedule told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Woods returned to his home near Orlando, Florida, over the weekend after a week of family counseling and resumed practicing for the first time in nearly four months.

Like many, Nicklaus seemed to take that as a sign Woods could be back sooner than later. The Masters begins on April 8.

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Nicklaus tips Woods to play Masters

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Nicklaus tips Woods to play Masters

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