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No word on top envoy to the US; other names approved

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China formally approved key ambassadorial appointments on Tuesday, but speculation continues over who will represent the nation at Washington.

President Hu Jintao formally appointed new ambassadors to London, Tokyo, Pyongyang, the UN office in Geneva and the United Nations on Tuesday.

Although there was no official announcement on the top envoy to the US, reliable sources told China Daily that Zhang Yesui, the recently retired Chinese permanent representative to the UN, would take up the crucial job.

Unlike his predecessor who spent much of his career focused on American affairs, Zhang's diplomatic life has mostly revolved around representing China at international organizations and conferences.

Zhang is expected to take up the role at a time when bilateral ties have been strained over issues ranging from Taiwan and Tibet to bilateral trade.

The Wall Street Journal described Zhang as a sophisticated, nuanced diplomat who has effectively represented China's interests at the UN.

Prior to his appointment as head of China's UN mission in 2008, Zhang served as a vice-foreign minister from 2003 with areas of responsibility including policy research, arms control, international treaties and Western Europe issues.

Zhang and his wife Chen Naiqing were appointed to the UN mission from 1988 to 1992. Chen had served as an envoy on Korean affairs for a year and half before going to New York with her husband.

Cheng Yonghua, the former ambassador to the Republic of Korea (ROK), has been appointed as the ambassador to Japan, and speculation about his possible successor has become a hot topic for the ROK media.


1. Name one city where a new ambassador has been appointed?

2. Name the country where an official announcement has yet to be made?

3. Who, according to sources, is tipped to be top envoy in the US?


1. London, Tokyo, Pyongyang.

2. US.

3. Zhang Yesui.


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No word on top envoy to the US; other names approved

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No word on top envoy to the US; other names approved

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