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Miliband for dual track strategy against Iran

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Visiting British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Monday sanctions alone would not resolve the Iran nuclear standoff, and that a "dual-track" strategy, which also encompasses engagement, was needed.

Speaking before heading to Beijing, Miliband said China and Britain - both permanent members of the UN Security Council - had shared interests in ensuring that Teheran abided by Security Council resolutions seeking to curb its nuclear activities.

"We both have commitment in respect of upholding the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We need to make all the necessary efforts to uphold the commitment we made," the 44-year-old told China Daily.

It has been widely reported that Miliband would press China to agree on the need for tougher sanctions against Teheran.

Confirming that he would discuss the issue with his Chinese counterpart, Miliband said: "We already have sanctions, no one pretends that they will work on their own. That's why we need to take a dual-track strategy."

Even so, it is clear Downing Street is in favor of sanctions against Iran, Ma Zhengang, a former Chinese ambassador to Britain, pointed out.

Unlike the United States, Britain won't press for "extreme" conditions while seeking to impose sanctions. Their diplomatic policies are just "more sophisticated", Ma said.

Beijing's position is that further engagement with Iran should take priority over fresh sanctions.


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Miliband for dual track strategy against Iran

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Miliband for dual track strategy against Iran

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