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Loss and longing in Alice's wonderland

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At the end of Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton's 2010 interpretation of Lewis Carroll's 19th century classic, she points to China on a map and says she should be there.

And so she is.

The film will hit theaters in China today.

In a telephone interview, Burton stresses that the ending is not a hint at a sequel; nor is it an attempt to appeal to a certain market segment.

"This is going to be a one-time (project)," he says.

"(The ending) was not meant to be a literal thing. It is just the possibility of a new adventure for her as a real person, a new world she did not know anything about. When you make a movie, you just make something from your heart. It appeals to whomever it appeals."

Burton's Alice is not an adaptation of the novel, which follows a 7-year-old girl's adventure in a wonderland full of peculiar creatures. Rather, it is an extension of the story, illustrating the girl's return to the land at 19 in an effort to escape an engagement and a boring social life.

Like most of Burton movies, such as Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood, the key characters of Alice are also misunderstood outcasts. Burton's explanation is simple: He resonates with them. He used to tell reporters that as a kid he found the realities of everyday life - parents, teachers, school and breakfast - far more terrifying than monsters or movies.

"That's why I relate to Alice - she too does not fit in and uses fantasy to help deal with real issues," he says. "People like to separate fantasy and reality, but I always use my fantasy life to help me with real problems and issues."

Despite working with his favorite actor, Johnny Depp, and 10-year life partner Helena Bonham Carter, Burton found the shooting of Alice a challenge, as it uses five to six different filming techniques.

The film is live-action, but within it are 3D and computer-generated images.

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Loss and longing in Alice's wonderland

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Loss and longing in Alice's wonderland

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