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Robots march to Expo tune

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Robots are producing some amazing innovations, and the best of the best will be on display at the Shanghai 2010 Expo, from robots that cook and serve meals to those that help the disabled and warn intruders

After causing a sensation at the Aichi Expo in Japan five years ago, robots - in all shapes and sizes - are set to make a comeback at the Expo.

A collection of robots will turn out for the 184-day Expo, beginning on May 1. Their roles will range from cooking and serving meals for visitors and feeling pulses to detect possible ailments, to impersonating an ancient emperor and his imperial concubine.

Visitors to Expo will also encounter robotic bomb detectors, street patrol and security guards to ensure the event will run smoothly and safely.

Wu Yulu, a robotics engineer from Beijing, has only a primary education, but he has been building machines for more than two decades. He will be displaying his work at Expo, including 38 robots with different functions like walking, climbing and pulling.

The robots at the host city's exhibition at the Urban Best Practice Area, Shanghai Eco-house, are expected to steal much of the limelight.

The Eco-house is driven by solar and wind power and is geo-thermally heated, creating a zero carbon footprint.

Visitors to the pavilion will be greeted by a robot band consisting of three machines, which look like young ladies, performing folk music with traditional Chinese instruments. Developers at Shanghai Electric said it is the world's first robot band that can play Chinese folk songs.

On the fourth floor of the pavilion is the robotic "caretaker" Lingling, which allows user interaction using mobile phones. Its two mechanical arms open doors, pour tea, fetch goods and scan for fires and intruders. Its design allows it to be used as a wheelchair to aid the disabled, who can control its movement with a lever.


1. What is the name of the Shanghai pavilion that will host several robots?

2. Who developed the world’s first robot band that can play Chinese folk song.

3. What is the name of the robot “caretaker” at the Shanghai pavilion?


1. Eco-house.

2. Shanghai Electric.

3. Lingling.

(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)

Robots march to Expo tune

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Robots march to Expo tune

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