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Nationwide mourning held for quake dead

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The nation came together in mourning on Wednesday in remembrance of the more than 2,000 people killed in the devastating earthquake that hit Yushu, in Qinghai province on April 14.

Horns and sirens sounded, and red national flags flew at half-mast. Many people across the country were dressed in black with white flowers pinned to their chests. They bowed their heads in memory of the victims.

In Beijing, President Hu Jintao, along with other leaders, led a silent tribute "to express our profound condolences" during a Standing Committee meeting of the political bureau of the Communist Party of the China Central Committee.

All entertainment, including online games and sports events, was halted. Newspapers across the country were printed in black and white. And Internet portals displayed gray-colored homepages to reflect the grave mood.

Venues were open to visitors at a soft opening of the Shanghai World Expo on Wednesday. But all entertainment performances were suspended.

By Wednesday, the death toll from the earthquake had risen to 2,183, with 84 missing.


1. What day did the earthquake hit Qinghai province?

2. What colors did newspapers use on the day of mourning?

3. What is the earthquake’s death toll, according to the latest numbers?


1. April 14

2. None. The major newspaper printed black and white editions.

3. The latest reports Wednesday said 2,183 were dead.

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Nationwide mourning held for quake dead

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Nationwide mourning held for quake dead

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