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Even petulant pets are hard to give up in the US

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Dogs chewing through table legs. Cats diving for the family dinner. Cockatiels that bite.

At a time when many people are scrimping on themselves to indulge their animals, the love is lost for owners of infuriating pets.

Angie Best-Boss has tried changing litter boxes, types of litter, brands of litter, because something has gone terribly wrong with Tiger.

"I loathe my cat," said the writer in, who lives in the US state of Indiana. "Actually, loathe might be too weak of a word. I hate it. The stupid, stupid cat pees, on clothes, but only on clean clothes."

Still, many cannot bring themselves to dump their wayward animals in shelters.

So how does a human make peace with a problem pet? Venting helps, said an expert, though the griping may be more emotionally complicated for the humans involved.

Psychologist Stephanie LaFarge specializes in the human-animal bond as senior director of counseling services at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"Some people like to think they love their animals so much they are willing to be victimized by them," she said. "It's proof of how much they love that animal and proof of what a good animal person they are and what a good person they are. It's part of their identity."

About 63 percent of all US households have at least one pet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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Even petulant pets are hard to give up in the US

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Even petulant pets are hard to give up in the US

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