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'Herr we go again' English press braces for Germany

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Papers in England breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday as their football team escaped a humiliating early exit from the World Cup, but were dismayed their next match was against old foe Germany.

England qualified for the last 16 in South Africa with a 1-0 win over Slovenia on Wednesday, finally bringing their campaign to life at the third attempt and emerging triumphant from the make-or-break clash.

Commentators gave the performance a cautious thumbs-up and seemed relieved that the team was getting its campaign back on track after lackluster performances against the United States and Algeria.

"This was much, much better," said the Guardian daily. "England finally sent a football team to a match in South Africa instead of a coachload of ghosts."

The Sun commented: "From the dismal efforts of the first two matches, our lads were transformed as they clinched the crucial victory against Slovenia."

Searching for what had spurred the team's turnaround, many focused on the fact that coach Fabio Capello had given his players permission to indulge in a relaxing beer on the eve of the game.

"Fabio got De Beers in," quipped the Sun, who labeled the Italian's approach a "beer we go tactic".

"England gets thirst for revenge," said The Times, saying the side's progress had been "inspired by a few drinks the night before."

But the joy for England's football pundits was short-lived, being quickly replaced by a sense of deep foreboding ahead of Sunday's clash against arch-rivals Germany.

"Herr we go again," said the Sun, amid a slew of headlines announcing the looming clash with England's footballing nemesis such as "Bring on the Germans" and "Old foes await."

It will be the fourth time the bitter rivals have met in the World Cup finals, with Germany winning the last three.

"Of course, inevitably, didn't we all just know it: here come the Germans again," said The Times. "Who said it paid to turn up fashionably late?

"England finally arrived at the third time of asking, only to discover that their belated entrance had put them on dates with Germany, Argentina and a whole lot of history."


Herr is the German and Scandinavian equivalent of English Mister.

"Herr we go again"此处可理解为“先生们,我们又碰面了”。


1. How did England qualify for the last 16 at the World Cup?

2. What spurred the team’s turnaround after two dismal matches?

3. Who will they meet in the next game?


1. England qualified for the last 16 in South Africa with a 1-0 win over Slovenia.

2. Coach Fabio Capello giving his players permission to indulge in a relaxing beer on the eve of the game, some say.

3. Germany.


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'Herr we go again' English press braces for Germany

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'Herr we go again' English press braces for Germany

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