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ROK PM-designate quits under pressure

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The Republic of Korea's (ROK) reformist prime minister-designate and two other ministerial nominees stepped down on Sunday amid allegations of corruption, thwarting President Lee Myung-bak's plans to boost ruling party morale.

Lee had picked Kim Tae-ho as prime minister earlier this month, but after a heated confirmation hearing last week in which the opposition called into question his qualifications and ethics, Kim gave up his quest for the post.

The suspicion dealt a blow to Kim who is already dogged by allegations that he squandered his family's personal wealth, hired an employee of his provincial government as a maid and allowed his wife to use a government vehicle for personal use, according to Yonhap News Agency.

"I have resigned as the prime ministerial nominee with the thought that I should not cause any more trouble to the president's governance," Kim told a media conference in Seoul.

"During the confirmation process I sincerely acknowledged my many shortcomings. Although I feel some of the allegations were a bit unfair, I accept them as they were caused by my insufficiencies."

Two other cabinet nominees, for the posts of knowledge economy and culture, also resigned over corruption allegations on Sunday.

Kim, 47, had been in line to become the youngest prime minister in decades, and observers saw his selection as a sign he was also being groomed as a presidential candidate for the ruling Grand National party at the next election in 2012.

Prime ministers in the ROK traditionally take on a more bureaucratic and administrative role. Cabinet reshuffles occur frequently and often involve the prime minister.

Lee ditched half of his cabinet midway through his five-year term because he wanted to give his government a more youthful and vigorous look as he pushes ahead with reforms.

Kim had been slated to replace the previous prime minister, Chung Un-chan, who quit last month to take responsibility for the government's failure to win parliamentary approval for a key development project.


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ROK PM-designate quits under pressure

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ROK PM-designate quits under pressure

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