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Megi slams the Philippines, the biggest typhoon in years

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Super Typhoon Megi became the strongest cyclone in years to buffet the Philippines on Monday, while flooding in Vietnam swept away a bus and left 20 people missing, including a girl pulled from her mother's grasp by the raging waters.

One woman survived by treading water against the current for about 3 1/2 hours, but was forced to let go of her daughter due to exhaustion before rescuers reached her. The child remains missing.

The huge storm striking the northern Philippines drowned at least one man and was expected to add to what already has been heavy rains striking much of the region, including in China where authorities evacuated 140,000 people from a coastal province ahead of the typhoon.

It could head later to Vietnam, where 30 deaths from flooding already have been reported in recent days, in addition to the bus passengers snatched by surging currents on Monday and feared dead.

Megi sustained winds of 225 kph and gusts of 260 kph as it made landfall at midday on Monday at Palanan Bay in Isabela province, felling trees and utility poles and cutting off power, phone and Internet services in many areas.

With more than 3,600 Filipinos riding out the typhoon in sturdy school buildings, town halls, churches and relatives' homes, roads in and out of coastal Isabela province, about 320 km northeast of Manila, were deserted and blocked by collapsed trees and power lines.

As it crashed ashore, the typhoon whipped up huge waves.

Ships and fishing vessels were told to stay in ports, and several domestic and international flights were canceled.

Megi was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines in four years, government forecasters say, according to AP's report.


1. How many people are missing in Vietnam?

2. How many kph was the wind blowing at midday Monday?

3. Megi was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines in how many years?


1. 20.

2. 225.

3. Four years.

(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)

Megi slams the Philippines, the biggest typhoon in years

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Megi slams the Philippines, the biggest typhoon in years

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