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日本:婴儿机器人会哭笑 让人体验育儿乐趣
Japan baby-robot teaches parenting skills

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日本:婴儿机器人会哭笑 让人体验育儿乐趣

An engineering student soothes Yotaro, a robot which emulates a real baby at Tsukuba University in Japan. Yotaro's face, made of soft translucent silicon with a rosy hue, is backlit by a projector connected to a computer to simulate crying, sneezing, sleeping and smiling, while a speaker can let out bursts of baby giggles. (Agencies)

It giggles and wiggles its feet when you shake its rattle, but will get cranky and cry from too much tickling: Meet Yotaro, a Japanese robot programmed to be as fickle as a real baby.

The cuddly baby-bot looks unearthly with a pair of luminous blue eyes and oversized cheeks, but engineering students are hoping it will teach young people the pleasures of parenting as Japan faces a demographic crisis.

"Yotaro is a robot with which you can experience physical contact just like with a real baby and reproduce the same feelings," said Hiroki Kunimura of Tsukuba University's robotics and behavioral sciences lab north of Tokyo.

Yotaro's face, made of soft translucent silicon with a rosy hue, is backlit by a projector connected to a computer to simulate crying, sneezing, sleeping and smiling, while a speaker can let out bursts of baby giggles.

The baby changes its facial expressions and moves its arms and legs when different parts of its face and body are touched. Physical contact is detected by sensors, and Yotaro's mood changes based on the frequency of touches.

Yotaro also simulates a runny nose, with the help of a water pump that releases body-temperature droplets of water through the nostrils.

While the baby robot has a balloon-sized head and exaggerated facial features, its inventors nonetheless hope "Yotaro could help young parents to learn about raising a baby," said research team member Masatada Muramoto.

"We came up with the idea of a baby robot because we wanted to reproduce a human being's warmth and skin colour," said Kunimura.

"We decided on an infant that has not yet learnt to talk because the feelings generated towards a newborn will be the same for everyone, and because interaction is less complicated than if we had made it talk."

Japan is already famous for highly sophisticated robots, from Honda's humanoid Asimo to pancake-flipping chef Motoman to Paro the fluffy robot seal that helps ease loneliness among the elderly.

Hundreds of thousands of industrial robots toil in factories, while robo-receptionists can serve tea, greet guests or vacuum corridors.

(Read by Lee Hannon. Lee Hannon is a multimedia journalist at the China Daily Web site.)















韩机器人演员拍戏 饰演公主


仿人机器人 humanoid robot






(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮 编辑蔡姗姗)


wiggle: to move from side to side or up and down in short quick movements; to make something move in this way (使)扭动,摆动,摇动

rattle: a baby's toy that makes a series of short loud sounds when it is shaken 拨浪鼓

cranky: bad-tempered 脾气坏的

fickle: changing often and suddenly 易变的;无常的

cuddly: if a person is cuddly, they make you want to cuddle them 令人想拥抱的

demographic: relating to or concerning demography 人口的

backlit: lit or illuminated from behind 从后面打光

vacuum: to clean something using a vacuum cleaner 用真空吸尘器清扫