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Car accident

Julie was in a car accident. Another car rear-ended her. She gets out of the car and talks to the other driver. The tow trucks are waiting.

Julie: My poor car. The back is all dented.

The other driver: It was your fault. You stopped suddenly.

Julie: I had to stop. There was a red light, so don’t blame me. You hit me, so you’re in the wrong.

The other driver: Nonsense. Give me your details. Who’s your insurer?

Julie: I’m waiting for the cops to sort everything out.

The other driver: We’re blocking traffic. Let’s move our cars to the side of the road, first.

Julie: Okay, but don’t try anything funny. I have your license plate number.

Fixing the car!

Julie took her car to a body shop to fix her car’s damage. She meets the technician Peter.

Julie: How much will it cost to fix this?

Peter: We estimate it’ll run you $500. Will your insurance cover it?

Julie: No, I hit a wall. I don’t want my insurance rates to go up.

Peter: Okay, just sign on the dotted line.

Julie: How soon can you repair it? I need this car to get to work.

Peter: It’ll be all ready tomorrow, unless we have to wait for parts.

Julie: I see. Do you have a loaner I can use while I’m waiting?

Peter: Sorry, we can give you a lift to the nearest car rental company, and you can rent a car there.

To rent a car?

Julie needs to rent a car for a day. She goes to the hotel Car Rental Booth.

Julie: I’d like to rent a compact car please. What do you have?

Clerk: There are two Toyota Charlies available. Automatic or standard?

Julie: Auto, please. Does it come with a/c?

Clerk: Absolutely, and it’s a smoke-free car.

Julie: That’s just what I needed. How much do you charge per day?

Clerk: It’s just $50 per day, not including taxes and other fees. Please read the fine print on the contract.

Julie: Okay. When do I need to return it?

Clerk: You have to have it back by 5 tomorrow afternoon. There’s a late fee. And, please return it with a full tank of gas and with no damage.