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In the Building's Laundry Room

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By Charlie Morgan

那零 注

Apartment buildings in Toronto have a laundry room, because people can’t put washing machines in their units. You have to pay for these machines, like at a laundromat. You put coins into places on a small metal tray which you then push into the machine.

First Time

It’s John’s first time to use the laundry room. He asks Judy, who is already there. John thinks laundry is women’s work—is he right?

John: Hi, is this the way to the laundry room?

Judy: Yes, follow me, right this way. Is this your first time to use it?

John: Yes, it is. Could you show me how to use the machines?

Judy: Sure, do you have coins? These machines take quarters.

John: Yes, I’m prepared. Where should I insert the coins?

Judy: Put them into the slots on this tray and slide the tray into the machine.

John: Like so?

Judy: Yes, now add the soap first, then the clothes. That’s my way to do it.

John: How long do the machines take?

Judy: Half an hour. Then, it’s time for the dryer. That’s a further hour.

John: That’s way too long for me. You’re a woman. Could you watch the machine for me? Here are some quarters. I’ll see you when it’s all done!

Borrowing Everything

John comes into the laundry room without detergent or enough coins. Is this an accident, or does he want to talk to Judy?

John: The laundry room is pretty quiet tonight, isn’t it?

Judy: Yes, most people have better things to do tonight. What a way to spend a Friday evening!

John: At least it’s easy to snag a machine. I’ll take the ones beside you.

Judy: Sorry, I’m in your way. I’ll move. You sure have lots of laundry.

John: Yes, this laundry bag weighs a ton. Say, can I buy some quarters off you? I figured I only had one load, but I was way off. I’ll need two washers.

Judy: Sorry, I can’t help you. I only have enough quarters for myself.

John: I’ll have to stuff it all in one machine. By the way, can I borrow your detergent? I left mine upstairs.

Judy: Sorry, I have to get back upstairs to my husband. I’m sure your wife can help you.

John: Why do you think I’m married?

Judy: There are lots of women’s clothes in your laundry bag!

Pretty in Pink

John comes back upstairs to his wife. She is unhappy with the way he did the laundry. It also shrank.

Jane: Honey, did you finish the laundry? I need my white blouse for work tomorrow.

John: Yes, it’s all in the laundry basket.

Jane: Oh, no! My white blouse is pink!

John: No way! It looks fine to me.

Jane: No, hold it up to the light. This way, you can see. What did you do? Didn’t you sort the laundry like I told you to?

John: I only had enough change for one machine. There was no way around it.

Jane: Way to go, genius. That was my best blouse. I think it shrank, too. How could you?

John: Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, lots of women have pink blouses. My problem is worse. I now have pink underwear!

Useful Key Vocabulary

Please fill in each blank with the correct form of a word or phrase given below:

way ● one’s way ● way off ● way to go ● what a way to ● in one’s way ● no way ● very

1. John: I guessed she was 40, but I was __________. She was 50!

Jim: __________! She looks _________ young. I thought she was your age.

John: No, she’s _________ older than I am!

2. I like to do things __________, but my boss wants me to follow his ideas, so we argue.

3. Jim: Guess what? I got a new girlfriend!

John: _____________! Now you won’t be lonely!

4. When I flew, I got a free upgrade to business class. ____________ fly! It was so nice. I’ll never go back to the cheap seats.

5. I missed my bus stop because a man was ___________, blocking me.


1. way off; no way; very; way

2. my way

3. way to go

4. What a way to

5. in my way


unit 住房单元,即(公寓、宿舍等的)一家,一户

laundromat 〈美〉= launderette,(装有投币洗衣机的)自助洗衣店

tray (浅)盘,碟,托盘

quarter 〈美〉二角五分(硬币)

insert 插入,放入

slot (自动售货机等的)投币口

slide 使滑进

dryer 烘衣机

way 〈美口〉非常,大大地

detergent 洗衣粉,清洁剂

snag 〈美口〉迅速抓住

ton 〈口〉许多,大量

buy off 同……收买,跟……买

figure 〈美口〉估计,判断

way off 大错特错

stuff 把……填进,把……塞进

shrink 收缩,皱缩

blouse 罩衫

sort 拣选,区分

way to go 〈美口〉(用以表示赞同、兴奋等)很好,真棒

on purpose 故意地,有意地

upgrade 提高品级,提高标准

business class 商务舱