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Fashion Blogger: Tavi Gevinson

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泰薇·盖文森是美国最年轻的著名时尚博主、型人偶像,人称“小屁孩时尚偶像”。泰薇·盖文森在2008年3月开始写自己的博客“Style Rookie”时年仅11岁,泰薇·盖文森的故事被刊登在《纽约时报》上,更被少女时尚圣经《Teen Vogue》点名力捧,一时红透网络,这位现在年仅14岁的博客写手,通过自己的博客聚敛了将近500万的忠实读者!


李殊 选注

By now, most people in the fashion industry recognize Tavi Gevinson, a fourteen-year-old girl from the suburbs of Chicago, who has been writing a fashion blog, Style Rookie, since she was eleven. Her blog is an enthusiastic chronicle[1] of her thoughts on fashion. She is tiny for her age, and looks shockingly prepubescent[2]. She favors busy, outlandish ensembles that pointedly mix items of different styles and periods.[3] Though the fashion world is accustomed to both youth and eccentricity, Tavi is a rare spectacle.[4] Bloggers have only recently become important in fashion.

In the winter of 2009, personal-style bloggers, like Tavi and Bryan Boy[5], were placed in the front rows at Milan. From the beginning, Tavi’s blog had an element of mystery: is it for real? And how did a fouteen-year-old suburban kid develop such a singular[6] look? Her readership quickly grew to fifty thousand daily viewers and won the ear of major designers.

In 2010, she was chosen by Mattel to be one of “Barbie’s Ten Women to Watch”—a group of female high achievers who mentor young girls. In fourth grade, Tavi began pasting cuttings from fashion magazines into black binders.[7] She soon moved on to blogging. Tavi soon became an object of interest to the people she was writing about.

Tavi recently hired a publicist[8], Dana Meyerson, who is working on a plan to help her sell advertising on her blog. This summer, Tavi decided she wanted to try styling—coming up with the concept for a real magazine photo shoot and picking out all the clothes. Her publicist pitched the idea to BlackBook, and Tavi settled on a sixteen-year-old model named Christine Staub. For an hour, she arranged the clothes in clashing layers that evoked the swirls of color in gasoline. The resulting ensembles looked like outfits you’d expect to see in the pages of a hip magazine.


1. chronicle: (尤指历史事件的)编年史,年代记。

2. prepubescent: 青春期前的。

3. outlandish: 另类的,奇异的;ensemble: 套服;pointedly: 有意地,刻意地。

4. be accustomed to: 习惯于某事;eccentricity: 古怪行为,反常行为;spectacle: 不同寻常的事物(情形)。

5. Bryan Boy: 一名来自菲律宾的男性时尚博主,他的博客每天吸引超过20万人次访问。

6. singular: 突出的,非凡的。

7. past: 粘贴;binder: 活页夹。

8. publicist: 公关人员。