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    社会主义新农村 Socialist New Countryside
    铁饭碗 Iron Rice Bowl
    西部大开发 Western Development
    小康社会 A moderately prosperous society
    新型工业化道路 New Path of Industrialization
    兴边富民行动 Program to Revitalize Border Areas and Enrich Residents' Lives
    循环经济 Circular Economy
    又好又快发展 Sound and Fast Development
    抓大放小 Restructuring Major Enterprises and Relaxing Control over Small Ones
    三资企业 Foreign-funded enterprises
    三来一补企业 Enterprises of Three Import and Compensation Trade
    农村土地承包制 Rural Land Contract System
    农村税费改革 Rural Tax and Fee Reform
    南水北调工程 South-to-North Water Diversion Project
    绿色信贷 Green Credit
    两限房 House of "Two Limits"
    廉租房 Low-rent Housing
    利改税 Tax for Profits
    经济适用房 Economical Housing
    金税工程 Golden Tax Project
    “三步走”战略 Three-Step Development Strategy
    “三农”问题 Issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area
    “三沿”地区开放 Opening-up of seashore, river shore and border areas
    财产性收入 Property Income
    菜篮子工程 Non-Staple Food Project
    分税制 Tax Sharing System
    家庭联产承包责任制 Household Contract Responsibility System
    假日经济 Holiday Economy

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