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Bella: Hey, did you get contacts?

Edward: No.

Bella: Your eyes were black the last time I saw you, and now they're, like, golden brown.

Edward: Yeah, I know, it's the...It's the fluorescents.

(Horn blasting)

(Tires screeching)

(Loud thuds)

(Loud grunt)

(Breath trembling)


All: Bella! Bella!

(Students clamoring)

Girl: Dial 911!

Boy: I already called. They're gonna send somebody over soon.

Tyler: Bella, I'm so sorry. I panicked.

Girl: Bella, I've got 911 on the phone now.

Bella’s father: Bella. You okay? You and I are gonna talk. You all right?

Bella: I'm fine, Dad. Calm down.

Tyler: I'm sorry, Bella. I tried to stop.

Bella: I know. It's okay.

Bella’s father: No. It sure as hell is not okay.

Bella: Dad, it wasn't his fault.

Bella’s father: You could've been killed. You understand that?

Bella: Yes. But I wasn't, so...

Bella’s father: You can kiss your license goodbye.

Dr. Cullen: I heard the chief's daughter was here.

Bella’s father: Dr. Cullen.

Dr. Cullen: Charlie.

Dr. Cullen: I've got this one, Jackie. Isabella.

Bella: Bella.

Dr. Cullen: Well, Bella, looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel?

Bella: Good.

Dr. Cullen: Look here. You might experience some post-traumatic stress or disorientation, but your vitals look good. No signs of any head trauma. I think you'll be just fine.

Tyler: I'm so sorry, Bella. I'm really...

Bella: You know, it would've been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn't there. He knocked me out of the way.

Bella’s father: Edward? Your boy?

Bella: Yeah, it was amazing. I mean, he got to me so fast. He was nowhere near me.

Dr. Cullen: Sounds like you were very lucky. Charlie.

Bella’s father: I gotta go sign some paperwork. You should...You should probably call your mom.

Bella: Did you tell her? (Groans) She's probably just freaking out.

Rosalie: Fifteen kids that saw what happened.

Edward: What was I supposed to do, then? Let her die?

Rosalie: This isn't just about you. It's about all of us.

Dr. Cullen: I think we should take this in my office.

Bella: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Dr. Cullen: Rosalie.

Edward: What?

Bella: How did you get over to me so fast?

Edward: I was standing right next to you, Bella.

Bella: No. You were next to your car, across the lot.

Edward: No, I wasn't.

(Laughs softly)

Bella: Yes, you were.

Edward: Bella, you're... You hit your head. I think you're confused.

Bella: I know what I saw.

Edward: And what exactly was that?

Bella: You...You stopped the van. You pushed it away with your hand.

Edward: Well, nobody's gonna believe you, so...

Bella: I wasn't gonna tell anybody. I just need to know the truth.

Edward: Can't you just thank me and get over it?

Bella: Thank you.

Edward: You're not gonna let this go, are you?

Bella: No.

Edward: Well, then I hope you enjoy disappointment.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. contact: 即contact lens(隐形眼镜)。

2. fluorescent: 荧光。fluorescent还可以作形容词用,如fluorescent lamp是“荧光灯,日光灯”,fluorescent screen是“荧光屏”。影片中Edward是指他的眼睛变色是因为荧光灯的关系。fluorescent还有“容光焕发”的意思,例如a fluorescent youth是“一个容光焕发的青年”。

3. sure as hell: 也可以说成as sure as hell,意思是“肯定无疑”。请看例子:

He sure as hell did it. 肯定是他干的。

表示“肯定无疑”的词组在口语中还有很多,如as sure as a gun。看一下例子:

As sure as a gun, this is he. 没错,准是他。

as hell起到加强语气的作用。我们在口语中也可以用as+adj.+as hell来加强语气。例如:I'll be as normal as hell.(我会尽量表现得非常正常。)

4. kiss your license goodbye: 和你的驾照说再见。kiss sth. goodbye不是和某物吻别,而是指将不会得到某物了。请看例子:

Since you did not pass the test, I guess you have to kiss the bike goodbye.


5. spill: <口> 摔下,跌下。Cullen医生说Bella“took quite a spill”是指她摔得不轻。看一下例子:He had a spill getting off the bus.(他下公共汽车时摔了一跤。)

6. disorientation: 定向力障碍,迷失方向感。

7. vitals: (心、脑、肝、肺、肾等)维持生命的重要器官。strike at sb.'s vitals就是“打某人的要害部位”。

8. trauma: 外伤,伤口,损伤。trauma还经常指“(心理上、精神上的)创伤”。例如:heal emotional trauma(医治感情上的创伤)。

9. freak out: 扰乱,使躁动不安。Bella不想让父亲告诉母亲这个事故是怕母亲会担心。看一下例子:She will freak out every time she is disappointed.(每次没有如她所愿时她都会抓狂。)

10. lot: 指parking lot(停车场)。



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