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27 Dresses《新娘靠边闪》精讲之二
[ 2009-09-17 09:07 ]

精彩对白:You're the boss's assistant. Same diff. What's the good of your job if you can't abuse the power?


"I do." To Americans those two words carry great meaning. They can even change your life. Especially if you say them at your own wedding. Making wedding vows is like signing a contract. Now Americans don't really think marriage is a business deal. But marriage is serious business.

27 Dresses《新娘靠边闪》精讲之二


It all begins with engagement. Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his sweetheart for permission to marry her. If the father agrees, the man later proposes to her. Often he tries to surprise her by "popping the question" in a romantic way. Sometimes the couple just decides together that the time is right to get married. The man usually gives his fiancée a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement. They may be engaged for weeks, months or even years. As the big day approaches, bridal showers and bachelor's parties provide many useful gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life.


27 Dresses《新娘靠边闪》精讲之二

At last it's time for the wedding. Although most weddings follow long-held traditions, there's still room for American individualism. For example, the usual place for a wedding is in a church. But some people get married outdoors in a scenic spot. A few even have the ceremony while sky-diving or riding on horseback! The couple may invite hundreds of people or just a few close friends. They choose their own style of colors, decorations and music during the ceremony. But some things rarely change. The bride usually wears a beautiful, long white wedding dress. She traditionally wears "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue". The groom wears a formal suit or tuxedo. Several close friends participate in the ceremony as attendants, including the best man and the maid of honor.



1. 就是嘛,还不鸡毛当令箭?

2. 像那篇揭发结婚饼开天杀价?

3. 你专栏那页是全报最卖钱的。

4. 我写《承诺》专栏写到闷。

27 Dresses《新娘靠边闪》精讲之一参考答案

1. This is a serious injury. I need you to give me some ice. You, give me a bottle of 100-proof liquor...and something she can bite on- stat!

2. Which part, the forced merriment, horrible music or bad food?

3. Don't you think it's a whole lot of ritual for something that…Let's face it- It's got about a 50-50 shot of making it out of the gate.

4. But, yes, marriage, like everything good and important, isn't easy. Cynicism, on the other hand, always is.

精彩对白:You're the boss's assistant. Same diff. What's the good of your job if you can't abuse the power?

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