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Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之六

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Teardrop: Chomp down on that till the blood lets up. Your daddy couldn't face this last bust, couldn't face a 10-year jolt. He started talking to that fucking sheriff. You own me now. Understand? They’ve been waiting to see if I'll do anything. Watching. I can't know for a certain fact who went and killed my little brother. Even if you find out, you can't ever let me know who killed him. Knowing that would just mean I'd be toes up myself pretty soon. Deal?

Gail: No, get out of the -- open the door.

Sonny: What? What's happened?

Gail: Go on. Watch out. Gonna burn. Squeeze my hand.

Ree: Thank you.

Sonya: I just heard. I brought these over for you. They're painkillers. They're real strong. These are gonna kick in real quick. Start with two.

Gail: Okay.

Sonya: She's gonna want more, but start with two and build from there, whatever number lets her rest.

Ree: Thank you. Will you stay until I fall asleep first?

Gail: Yeah, I will.

Ree: But then make sure they're doing their homework.

Gail: All right.

Ashlee: Does your arm hurt?

Ree: No. Not bad.


Ree: Blond Milton said him and Sonya would take Sonny in. I tell you that? Raise him on up from here for me.

Gail: Does he know? Sonny?

Ree: Not from us. If he knows, it's from somebody else blabbing, 'cause I never. He doesn't even know Dad cooks. If they took him, that might help some.

Gail: What about Ashlee?

Ree: She don't shine for them.

Gail: Well, what else can you do?

Ree: Beg Victoria and Teardrop to take Ashlee in.

Gail: God, I hope that ain't the way it goes, Sweet Pea. I hope to hell it ain't.

Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之六

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. chomp: 使劲咬。

2. let up: 停止。例如:The rain will soon let up.(雨很快就会停的。)let up还可以表示“放松;减弱,减轻,减小,缓和”。例如:The wind is letting up a little.(风势小一些了。)

3. bust: 拳打,重击。例如:give somebody a bust in the nose(用拳重击某人的鼻子)。

4. jolt: <俚>监禁期。jolt还可以表示“严重挫折”,例如:a severe financial jolt(严重的金融挫折)。

5. kick in: 开始生效。看一下例子:After a few moments, the effects of the drug kicked in.(过了一会儿,药物开始生效了。)kick in在俚语中还可以表示“死亡”。例如:He kicked in at the ripe old age of 90.(他死时90岁,寿尽天年。)

6. take somebody in: 收留,收养。例如:take in a stray dog(收养一条野狗)。

7. blab: (向某人)透露秘密,告密。看一下例子:It's a secret and I'm not going to have you blab it out.(这是个秘密,不许你说出去。)



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