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Extraordinary Measures《良医妙药》精讲之一

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Kate: Yeah, let's up her breathing treatments today.

John Crowley: What's going on?

Kate: Just a cold. She's awfully congested.

John Crowley: Call the doc just to be on the safe side?

Mrs Crowley: Yeah, I left word.

John Crowley: Sweetie? I'm gonna go to work, okay? Feel better. Bye-bye.

Colleague: We're already doing great marketing the drug to physicians. It's our direct marketing to patients we need to beef up.

Female colleague: Mr. Crowley, I'm really sorry. Aileen'son the line, she really needs to speak to you.

John Crowley: Okay, thank you. I'm just gonna... Hey.

Mrs Crowley: We're at the hospital. The doc wants Megan under observation.

John Crowley: Is she all right?

Mrs Crowley: Just keep your cell with you.

John Crowley: Okay. Can I do something?

Mrs Crowley: I'll call you when I know more. I should really get back to Megan, so I'll call you as soon as I know anything, okay?

John Crowley: Bye. Love you.

Doctor: Excuse me, please. Sir?

John Crowley: My daughter, Megan Crowley, was brought in for observation.

Doctor: Yeah. Actually, they're moving her to the ICU.

John Crowley: Where?

Doctor: That way.

John Crowley: Aileen.

Mrs Crowley: John. Has she told you about the trip that Fiona's taking with her remote-controlled car?

John Crowley: Yeah, yes, she did. You're right. That's right, sweetie. You're gonna see all the penguins, aren't you? She might send some postcards or something like that. Lots of good stuff to see along the way... It's okay. like icebergs and maybe a polar bear.

Doctor: As you know, Pompe patients suffer muscle deterioration in every part of the body, so this sort of respiratory complication, well, that's just an inevitable fact of the disease. Mr. Crowley, Mrs. Crowley, Megan is not responding well. Okay? Now, we've done everything we can, but she's just... There's nothing more we can do. I'm sorry. As you know, she was already well past the life expectancy, for, you know, Pompe kids. After all, it's not just her lungs, okay? Her heart, her liver, these organs have been compromised and would've become fatally enlarged. Now, I wish that we had a drug to treat Pompe, but we simply don't. I'm so very sorry. Look, maybe... Maybe you can find some small comfort in knowing that Megan's suffering will be over. Maybe you can see this as a blessing.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. congested: 鼻塞,鼻子堵了。

Congested一般用来表示“交通堵塞”,用来形容身体部位时也可以指“充血的,黏液阻塞的”。例如:He had a cold and was very congested.(他患了感冒,鼻子不通。)

2. be on the safe side:为求保险,为了安全起见。

例如:Just to be on the safe side, we have to leave ASAP.(为慎重起见,我们必须尽快地离开这里。)

3. leave word: 留言,留下口信。

例如:If he happens to be out, you may leave word with his secretary.(如果他刚好不在,你可以留话给他的秘书。)

4. direct marketing:直销,通过邮寄或电话直接向顾客销售产品或推销服务。

5. beef up: 加强,补充。

例如:The new evidence beefed up their case.(有了新的证据,他们的理由更充足了。)

6. under observation: 留院观察。

7. ICU:重症监护室,intensive care unit的缩写。

8. muscle deterioration:肌肉退化。

9. complication:并发症。

10.life expectancy:预期寿命,预计存在(或持续)的期限。

expectation of life则是指“平均余年”,也就是某一年龄的人尚可期望活的平均年数,可由统计资料显示。



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