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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之一

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之一

Ian: Are you stalking me?

Carmen: Oh, God, it's you.

Ian: Shouldn't that be my line? Oh, no, mine would be, "Oh, bollocks, it's her." I'm British, you know.

Carmen: Oh, really? And here I was thinking, "He does a really good accent."

Ian: Gets them every time. May I?

Carmen: Sure. So did I screw up your audition?

Ian: Yes. I didn't get the part.

Carmen: Really?

Ian: No, not really.

Carmen: Ha-ha.

Ian: It was more of a formality. I played Mercutio in Bill's Romeo and Juliet last year.

Carmen: That's very impressive. Did you make a good death?

Ian: Excellent.

Carmen: There aren't street fights in A Winter's Tale. Just your basic poisoning, child abandonment, obsessive jealousy.

Ian: Yeah, a more sensitive side of Shakespeare. Have you thought about auditioning?

Carmen: No. No. I'm pretty sure I'm right where I belong.

Ian: Belong? According to?

Carmen: Right. Um, okay, bye.

Ian: Sorry, I don't even know your name.

Carmen: Carmen.

Ian: That's definitely not a backstage name.


People: Goal!

Bridget: I'll get it.

Man 1: Bee! Bee! Are you okay?

Man 2: Jesus, Bee, what the hell were you thinking?

Nasrin: We have rules for a reason, young lady.

Bridget: Okay, okay, sorry. Won't happen again. So any idea what the room was used for?

Nasrin: I'm guessing it was the gynaikitis. Gynaikitis means "women's quarter" in Greek. It is where the women spent most of their time: Weaving, entertaining visitors, seeing to the care and education of the children. It is likely where your friend Cleo raised hers.

Bridget: Cleo had children? You can tell that?

Nasrin: You can tell a lot from a skeleton. Look. Here. We know that she stood at just over 5 feet, and that she died around the age of 35. The shape of the pelvic bones rules out childbirth as the cause, so it was most likely due to an illness of some kind.

Bridget: Wow. Uh...I just never imagined her that young. My mother died at the same age, four years ago.

Nasrin: I'm sorry. I can imagine how difficult that must have been.

Bridget: So are we done here?

Nasrin: All set. Stay out of trouble.

Bridget: Yeah.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. stalk: 跟踪,悄悄地追踪。请看例子:The loneliness always stalked him.(他始终摆脱不了内心的孤独。)

2. bollocks: 胡说;废话。

3. get: <口> 把……难住,使困惑。例如:This problem gets me.(这问题把我难住了。)

4. audition: 试演。

5. formality: 例行公事。看一下例句:I found the formality of the occasion irritating.(我觉得这种场合的繁文缛节十分讨厌。)

6. obsessive: 难以释怀的,强迫性的,过分(到不正常程度)的。例如:obsessive need for quick solutions(对迅速解决办法的过分迫切需要)。

7. quarter: 住处。也可以表示城镇的区。例如:I live in the residential quarter.(我住在住宅区。)

8. rule out: 排除。看一下例子:That idea can be completely ruled out.(那种看法可以完全不必考虑。)



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