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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants《牛仔裤的夏天》精讲之二

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Carmen: All right, guys, are you ready for this? In the name of the father, the son--Here we go.

Girls: Carmen, this isn't church.

Carmen: You guys! But it's still a sacred place! I mean, this is where our moms met, right? Anyway, look, we're gathered here today to honor a gift that has been sent to us.

Tibby: So why do we have to pay for them?

Lena: Tibs. Carmen, go ahead, just finish what you have to say.

Carmen: Tonight, on the eve of our separation, magic has come to us in a pair of pants. And I'm proposing that we share them equally, and that this summer they travel among us, and they'll link us in hearts and spirits, even though we're far apart from each other.

Bridget: I think that tonight we're the sisters of these pantalones.

Tibby: Sisters of the pants?

Carmen: Yes!

Lena: We need rules. Every sisterhood has rules.

Carmen: Thank you. A manifesto.

Tibby: Okay.

Carmen: Good point. I love it. Okay, rule number one: each sister is going to keep the pants for...?

Lena: A week.

Carmen: A week.

Bridget: I think Lena should be first because Greece is the furthest away.

Carmen: Okay. Tibby, you next. What's your rule?

Tibby: I don't have a rule.

Carmen: Yes, you do.

Lena: Tibs, come on.

Tibby: No picking your nose when wearing the pants. Honestly.

Carmen: That's not--

Tibby: You can casually scratch while really picking a little.

Carmen: Thanks for the allowance.

Lena: Good rule.

Carmen: When sending the pants, we should write a letter that details the most exciting thing that happened while wearing the pants.

Lena: That's good.

Carmen: So most exciting thing that happens to you.

Tibby: And what if nothing exciting happens?

Carmen: It will. It has to!

Tibby: No, I really doubt it.

Carmen: And when it happens, and we reunite, we will document it on the pants themselves.

Girls: That's good.

Carmen: That's rule number six.

Lena: Rule number seven: any removal of the pants must be done by the wearer herself. Yes, you.

Bridget: Touche!

Carmen’s mother: He works, you know. So he may not have that much time to spend with you. So if you get lonely, I want you to come home, okay?

Carmen: I'm gonna be fine, mom.

Carmen: We will never, ever wash these pants.

Bridget: Carmen, that's so unnecessary. Why not?

Carmen: Because you can't wash the pants.

Girls: Why? Why? Carmen, we have to.

Carmen: What? Are you gonna wash the magic out of the pants?

Bridget: The magic's not sanitary.

Lena: No, I have a better one. No double cuffing. Double-cuffing the pants at the bottom, it's tacky. The '80s are over.

Carmen: You know what else is tacky? Tucking in your shirt and wearing a belt at the same time.

Bridget: I don't do that anymore.

Tibby: Good one.

Lena: I did that one time.

Carmen: Forbidden to cuff or tuck.

Girls: Okay, okay.

Carmen: No cuffing or tucking.

Bridget: My turn, my turn.

Carmen: Okay. Yes, bee?

Bridget: You can never say you look fat while wearing the pants. You can't even think it!

Broadcasting: All passengers, this is the final boarding call—

Bridget’s father: Take care, and be sure to write, huh?

Bridget: You too. Bye.

Bridget’s father: You better get going. Looks like they're starting to board.

Carmen: That's nine. So we need one more.

Lena: We need a final rule.

Carmen: Final rule.

Lena: Okay, pants equal love.

Bridget: Love your sisters and love yourself.

Lena: To the pants.

Bridget: And the sisterhood.

Carmen: And this summer...and the rest of our lives.

Tibby: Together and apart.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. pantalones: 西班牙语,裤子。

2. manifesto: 宣言。

3. allowance: 容忍,允许。make allowance for的意思是“体谅,原谅”或“考虑到,顾及”。例如:We must make allowances for his youth and inexperience.(我们应当体谅他年轻,没有经验。)

4. detail: 详述,详细说明。看一下例子:The man detailed to us all the wonders he had seen in his travels.(那人向我们详述了他旅途所见之奇事。)

5. touché: 一针见血,说得对。

6. sanitary: 卫生的,清洁的。请看例子:There was a small and not very sanitary inn nearby.(附近有一家不那么卫生的小客栈。)

7. cuffing: 把裤脚翻起来。

8. tacky: 俗不可耐的。看一下例子:She looks really tacky in that dress.(她穿那件衣服看起来俗不可耐。)

9. tuck: 把……的边塞到下面(或里面)。



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