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1. Yo, take it down a notch, my blues brothers.


2. You always barge in and ruin everything! You're like a walking disaster!


3. Holy smurf, I'm a downer.


4. You're playing dirty now!


5. I do believe we got off on the wrong foot earlier.


6. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


7. He's been chewed up about it ever since.


8. But I can't take the brunt of it anymore.


9. You already blamed yourself for your dad. So I took the heat.


10. Look at me, all rough-and-tumble.





Grouchy: What...What is she doing?

Vanity: I think they're hugging.

Clumsy: Papa?

Hackus: Hackus love to hug.

Vexy: Hackus. Smurfette, come on, I got to show you something. Look at us. Come on, tell me we're not family.

Smurfs: Smurfette! Over here! Smurfette!

Vexy: I'm sorry Papa Smurf didn't come for you. But maybe your place is here with us.

Smurfette: Yeah. Maybe it is.

Vanity: Why is she being nice to them?

Grouchy: She's just identifying with her captors. It's classic Smurf-holm syndrome.

Clumsy: No, she thinks we don't care anymore, and they do.

Papa Smurf: She's confused. Clumsy, Grouchy, get up there, and help me get this door open. That's my daughter in there!

Grouchy: Okay, Papa. I'll get on top.

Clumsy: Okay, Grouchy, you jump, I'll pull. Come on, we can do this.

Gargamel: Children.

Clumsy: Gargamel!

Grouchy: Clumsy, don't let go...

Gargamel: Daddy's home. And consistent with his kind nature, he brought you a present.

Papa Smurf: Grouchy, get down. He'll see you.

Clumsy: How are we gonna rescue her now?

Grouchy: Quiet.

Gargamel: I do believe we got off on the wrong foot earlier.

Vanity: What's happening?

Gargamel: Would you allow me to wish you a very, very happy birthday? It seems like only yesterday you were just my little glob of clay and other putrid ingredients.

Smurfette: You remembered my birthday?

Gargamel: Of course I did. We're family.

Vanity: What? But we're her family.

Clumsy: Does she think we abandoned her?

Gargamel: Families don't forget things like that. Speaking of which, your little blue step-papa never did arrive, now did he?

Clumsy: Step-Papa?

Gargamel: Why, I am truly sorry, my dear. That must really sting. I remember when my father threw me down the well for the first time. The disappointed look on his face when I finally managed to claw my way out. Anyway, happy birthday, my dear.

Both Vexy and Hackus: Happy birthday, Smurfette!

Hackus: I want to open! Let me open!

Gargamel: No, no, no.

Hackus: Ugly. "Bow. Kneel. Worship me."

Gargamel: Yes, delightful rendition, really. Keep it up, no-neck, I'll turn you into a cross-eyed newt. Yes, yes, my dear. Go ahead, take it. It's a tiny little magical wand of your very own.

Vexy: Go ahead. It's your birthday present.

Papa Smurf: No. Don't do it.

Gargamel: Do you like it? Silly me. I've forgotten to turn it on. Here we are. Yes, there we go. Yes, go ahead, try it out. Don't be afraid.

Clumsy: A Dragon Wand.

Vanity: Oh, dear.

Gargamel: After all, it is your birthright.

Smurfette: How do you know I won't use it on you?

Gargamel: Well...Because, Smurfette, I am your father. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Grouchy: She's gonna zap him.

Clumsy: Get him, Smurfette.

Vexy: Smurfette...

Smurfette: Sing The La La Song. Sing it!

Clumsy: This is good, right, Papa?

Papa Smurf: No! She's becoming one of them!

Smurfette: I have always wanted to do this!

Papa Smurf: We're losing her.

Vexy: Yes! Good one, Smurfette.

Gargamel: Your first cat zap. Look at you. Look at you. You truly are daddy's little girl.

Papa Smurf: Smurfette!

Clumsy: No, Papa! Grouchy, grab him! No, Papa, he's gonna see you! Get him down!

Grouchy: Clumsy, help, help me get him down! Papa, no!

Smurfette: Yeah!

Smurfs: No!

Victor: Take to the skies, lads. Free at last! Free at last!

Patrick: What are you, Martin Luther Wing?

Victor: That's it. Joke it up, funny boy, but I am proud as a peacock to be a freedom flighter.

Patrick: Oh, no.

Victor: What the crap is that? Hang on, Smurfs! Victor's on the way!

Papa Smurf: Pop your smurf-chutes.

Victor: The flying V! Gotcha.

Vanity: Okay, don't panic. That is a lot of white meat.

Papa Smurf: Now panic!

Vanity: Me no likey!

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