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The Blind Side《弱点》精讲之二

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Leigh Anne Tuohy: Hey.

S.J. Tuohy: What, Mom?

Sean Tuohy: Good job. Good job. Hey, I got a question for you.

S.J. Tuohy: Go.

Sean Tuohy: There was a little girl about two rows back. What was her name?

S.J. Tuohy: Oh, that was Chimsey.

Sean Tuohy: Kinsey. Yeah. I saw your little Indian feathers get all ruffle up.

S.J. Tuohy: Yeah. It's nice.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: SJ, don't let this go to your head but I've thought you were very convincing in the role of...

S.J. Tuohy: Indian Number Three.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Yes.

S.J. Tuohy: I tried out for the Chief but they gave it to Andy Sung. I can't be sure, but I think there was some multi-cultural bias thing working.

Sean Tuohy: Or maybe they just thought he'd make a better Chief.

S.J. Tuohy: Dad, he's like Chinese.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Yeah. You're Irish. And if you weren't the Chief, how did you get that headdress?

S.J. Tuohy: Dad, I'm gonna need a few more of those free Quesadilla tickets.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: And where does the acorn fall?

Sean Tuohy: Hey, don't laugh too hard. The Quesadilla saved our ass.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Don't use the a-word. What is he wearing? It's freezing. What's his name again?

S.J. Tuohy: Big Mike.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Where's he going?

Sean Tuohy: Hey, Big Mike! Where you headin'?

Michael Oher: Gym....

Sean Tuohy: Okay.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Turn around. Big Mike... Stop the car. Big Mike. Hey, my name is Leigh Anne Tuohy. My kids go to Wingate. You said you're going to the gym? The school gym's closed. Why were you going to the gym? Big Mike?! Why were you going to the gym?

Michael Oher: Because... it's warm.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Do you have any place to stay tonight? Don't you dare lie to me.

Sean Tuohy: I've seen that look many times. She's about to get her way.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Come on. Come on. SJ, make room. Get in the car. Come on.

Sean Tuohy: Where are we going?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Home.

Collins Tuohy: Oh no! That's my favourite part. So cute. How'd the dork do in the school play? Umm... Okay.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Collins, you know Big Mike from the School? I'd give you the best bedroom but it's full of sample boxes. And the sectional in the family room slides apart when you sleep on it. At least that's what Sean says.

Michael Oher: Mr. Tuohy sleeps on the coach?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Only when he's bad. Alright. The powder room's right there and we'll be upstairs if you need us. Alright? Right. Sleep tight, honey. Was this a bad idea?

Sean Tuohy: What?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Don't lie there and pretend like you're not thinking the same thing as me.

Sean Tuohy: Fine, tell me what you're thinking so I know what's supposed to be on my mind.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: How well do you know Big Mike?

Sean Tuohy: In case you haven't noticed he doesn't have much to say. What's the big deal? It's just for one night, right? It is just one night, right? Leigh Anne?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: You don't think he'll steal anything, do you?

Sean Tuohy: I guess we'll know in the morning.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. ruffle up:把……弄乱,弄皱。引申为使生气、心烦。例如:Don't get ruffled up about it.(不要为这件事生气。)

2. go to one's head:冲昏某人的头脑。例如:Fame will go to your head.(名声会冲昏你的头脑。)

3. Chief:在此处指酋长。一般用来指(公司或机构的)首领,头目,最高领导人。

4. multi-cultural bias:多元文化的偏见,在这里指种族偏见。multi-cultural就是指“多元文化的”。

5. Quesadilla:油炸玉米粉饼,一种墨西哥食品,以干酪等为馅。

6. where does the acorn fall:俗语,有其父必有其子。

7. save our ass:俚语,救命。

8. a-word:脏话,相当于dirty word、a four-letter word、bad language、或者smut。

9. get one's way:随心所欲,这里是说“她又要自己出头解决了”。

10.make room:腾地方,让路。表示“让位给某人”时后面常加for。


例如:I always thought he was kind of a dork.(我总认为他是个傻瓜/书呆子)。


13.powder room:洗手间的委婉说法。在美语中专指客用盥洗室。

14.what's the big deal:没什么大不了的。



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