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US celebrates Osama bin Laden's death

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US President Barack Obama was preparing to announce Osama bin Laden was dead when word got out and crowds started gathering late Sunday outside the White House in Washington and at Ground Zero in New York City.

US celebrates Osama bin Laden's death

From Times Square to Ground Zero to the White House, the familiar chant of "USA, USA" resonated as citizens learned that the Osama bin Laden was dead.

The announcement sparked immediate jubilation. In Time Square, people gathered around giant news tickers to see the latest updates. Pam Sather recalls the moment she heard the world's most wanted terrorist was dead.

"It is just amazing, we were just walking out of a pizza joint," she said. "And, all the sudden we saw in the bar on the television. We were just glued."

At the White House, young Americans climbed trees, climbed light posts, donned American flags and sang the national anthem.

"The feeling here was euphoric as thousands of Americans gathered in front of the White House just hours after US President Barack Obama made the announcement that Osama bin Laden was dead."

For many, it became a moment of reflection, thinking back to the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11, 2001, an act of terror Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for.

"I think a lot of us have grown up with the memory of 9/11 and sort of this constant notion of a threat and the danger of terrorism," said Costello. "So this is a triumphant moment for all of us."

For Jake Diliberto, a US marine , this is a day he has been fighting for.

"We feel really really vindicated that we finally got him," he said. "This is our generation's VE, VJ day. This is our generation's victory and enduring freedom day. That's what today is."

Patriotism filled the air outside the White House into the early hours of Monday morning.

Two hours after the announcement, with celebrations still roaring, the US Secret Service brought in barriers to push back revelers from the White House.

Gatherers said the importance of the historical moment reaches beyond the gates of the White House.

"This is a very important moment for not only the USA, but for the entire world."

Many world leaders are praising the achievement of US military. But they are cautioning the death of bin Laden does elevate security risks around the world.

Back at the White House, the focus remains on the justice the president said was delivered.

jubilation: a feeling of great happiness because of a success 欢欣鼓舞;欢腾;欢庆

euphoric: 心情愉快的;心满意足的

reveler: people who are enjoying themselves in a lively and noisy way 狂欢者

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