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No Strings Attached《不求回报》精讲之三

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美国风景:非婚同居 孩子成问题




Shira: You don't remember my name, do you? It's OK. It's Shira, and you look like you could use some coffee.

Adam: Yes. Coffee's good. I got...Where are my pants?

Shira: I don't know. They could be anywhere. Here's your coffee.

Adam: Thank you. Did you have a good time last night?

Shira: It was all right. Nothing special.

Adam: Listen, I want you to know that...I respect you.

Shira: Thank you.

Adam: Normally, I would remember the name of someone that I've...

Shira: What? Oh, my God. Did you think we had sex? Oh, my God, we did not have sex.

Boy: Hey, Adam. You left your socks in my room.

Adam: Did I?

Boy: You did.

Adam: Did I, by chance, leave my pants in your room?

Boy: No. When we met, you weren't wearing pants.

Patrice: Stop teasing him, you guys.

Adam: Patrice. Hey, I know you. What happened last night? Did we do it?

Patrice: We had sex. Yeah. I really liked it. I didn't know that my body could handle that much pain. And that I would like it.

Emma: You're up.

Adam: Emma. You live here?

Emma: Yep. You feeling any better?

Adam: Did I have sex with anyone in this apartment last night?

Emma: No, you didn't.

Patrice: No. Sorry. You didn't.

Adam: Thank you. Yeah, that's... that's funny. Let's make fun of the hung-over naked guy.

Emma: But I do have your pants, so if you want them, come with me.

Adam: Yes. Thank you.

Patrice: You don't have to feel embarrassed, because we're all doctors, so we see literally hundreds of penises a week.

Boy: I see thousands.

Shira: I just pulled a penis out of a VitaminWater yesterday. So, we are cool with penises here.

Patrice: We're professionals.

Adam: Well...It has been a pleasure.

Patrice: Bravo. Nice. Bravo, bravo.

Boy: Yep, I'm definitely gay.

Adam: So, how did I get here?

Emma: You texted me that it was an emergency, and then I texted you my address, and then you came over. And I think you thought you were at home, because you started taking off all your clothes.

Adam: Oh, God.

Emma: Here are your pants.

Adam: Thank you. So... Did I just pass out on your couch?

Emma: No. No, then you did this thing. It was...like a dance?

Adam: Dance?

Emma: Yeah, like...

Adam: I shook my dick at you?

Emma: Yeah.

Adam: Oh, shit. I'm sorry.

Emma: No, no, it was... it was exciting. It was like you were cheering while you were doing it. You were like, "Look at my dick!"

Adam: Did you look at it?

Emma: Yeah, I looked. It was nice. You have a really nice penis.

Adam: Nice?

Emma: It seems kind of like carefree.

Adam: Jesus. I don't know where to start. My dad's...My dad's dating my ex-girlfriend.

Emma: You told me about it last night.

Adam: Did I tell you like in a charming way? Was I like charming and funny when I told you?

Emma: Yeah. You were...naked and crying.

Adam: I'm a mess.

Emma: Hey. It's gonna be OK.

Adam: Thanks. Seriously. Thank you.

Emma: I should probably get ready now. I don't want to be late.

Adam: Yeah, it's... You don't want to be late.

Emma: No, that would be bad.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. by chance: 偶然

by any chance常用于问句,询问是否真实、可能等,可以翻译为“或许,可能”

例如:Would you by any chance have change for 5?(你能找换5元钱的零钱吗?)

2. tease: 取笑;戏弄,也可以做名词表示“揶揄者”

例如:Don't take it seriously - he's only teasing.(别把它当真,他只不过是在开玩笑。)

3. He is a terrible tease. 他特别爱戏弄人。

4. You're up:你醒了

5. make fun of: 嘲弄,拿……开玩笑

6. hung-over: 宿醉,强调指余醉未醒而难受的。

例如:I feel a bit hung-over this morning.(今天早上我因宿醉而略感不适。)

7. be cool with: 觉得某事没问题。这里是让亚当不要尴尬。

也可以指“对某人冷冰冰的”。比如:You're very cool with your brother, but with your friends you really come to life.(你对你弟弟冷冰冰的,但跟朋友在一起倒很活跃。)

8. bravo:(喝彩声、叫好声)好哇

9. pass out:昏迷;失去知觉;醉倒。

例如:He would pass out if he took one more drink.(要是他再喝一杯酒的话,他就会醉倒了。)

10.carefree: 无忧无虑的;无牵挂的;不负责任的

例如:She daydreamed about a carefree holiday abroad.(她幻想到国外过一个无忧无虑的假期。)

11.I'm a mess:我糟透了。

美国风景:非婚同居 孩子成问题


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