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Eat Pray Love《美食,祈祷和恋爱》精讲之二

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David: Cheers.

Liz: Thank you.

David: I owe you an apology. For the walkouts.

Liz: Well, I'm not everyone's cup of tea.

David: I doubt that. I, on the other hand, was shit. Although I was trying very hard.

Liz: "Shit" is a strong word.

David: Thank you.

Liz: You seem shorter in person than on the stage.

David: Really? I hear that a lot.

Liz: Sorry.

David: It's okay.

Liz: It's unnerving when...a total stranger sees you more clearly than you see yourself. That's what I mean by saying you're short. Are you hearing dolphins clapping right now?

David: I took a few liberties with your material. I give you full permission to make fun of me. I know you're dying to.

Liz: You're far too charming to make fun of.

David: I'm still hearing them.

Liz: Is that your guru?

David: You're joking, but, yes, it is.

Liz: She's beautiful.

David: Yeah. A friend told me about her. I was out of work and feeling pretty desperate for something. Not the last time I was out of work, the time before that. And l just had this feeling like I was looking in all the wrong places.

Liz: Looking for what?

David: God. She has an ashram in India. I'm dying to go, but...you know, you have to get, like, three stages of hepatitis shots...and my insurance always runs out. I'll go when the time's right. There's a gathering of her students every morning. If you want, I could take you sometime. If you're not unnerved by 100 crunchy people chanting in Sanskrit.

Liz: I need to be unnerved.

David. A yogi from Yonkers. I didn't exactly fall in love with the guy. What happened was I dove out of my marriage...and into David's arms...exactly the same way a cartoon circus performer...dives off a high platform and into a small cup of water...vanishing completely.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. I owe you an apology:我要向你道歉,我得说声对不起。

2. walkout: (为表示抗议而突然的)退场,退席,这里指剧院的人因不满表演提前退场。

此外,walkout还可以表示“罢工”。例如:The staff staged a one-day walkout.(职员突然罢工一天。)

3. cup of tea:喜爱的人或事物。

not someone's cup of tea指的就是“非某人所好,不合某人心意”。

4. unnerving: 使人胆怯的,使人紧张不安的。

例如:She found the whole interview rather unnerving.(她觉得整个面试都让人气馁。)

5. take liberties with something: (尤指对书)任意篡改,这里是说“我对你的作品做了少量的发挥”。

take liberties with someone则是指“分亲昵,调戏”。

take the liberty常用来指“冒昧地”,比如:May I take the liberty of asking you to read this booklet? (我可以冒昧地请你读读这本小册子吗?)

6. make fun of: 取笑。

7. be dying for something/to do something:渴望,极想。

例如:I'm dying to be with you again.(我盼望着再次回到你们身边。)

8. guru:印度教或锡克教的宗教导师或领袖,也可以指“专家;权威;大师”,比如pop guru(大众领袖)

9. out of work:失业。






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