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The Other Woman《另一个女人》精讲之一

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William: Emilia, do you know what eBay is?

Emilia: Yes, I do.

William: My friend Bailey's dad sells things on eBay. He takes all their old stuff they don't need anymore, like Bailey's old bike, and sells it.

Emilia: That's nice.

William: Maybe you should go on eBay.

Emilia: I figure if I need an old bike, Bailey's dad will sell it to me.

William: Not to buy. To sell. To make money. Don't you have any old stuff?

Emilia: I have strawberry Tofutti Cuties, like new, in original box.

William: I mean the baby's stuff. We should sell the baby's stuff on eBay. We can sell the crib. The crib cost exactly $1,31 1. Dad told me. So I bet we can get $2,000 for the crib. Maybe even $10,000.

Emilia: No, we wouldn't.

William: That's how eBay works. Take all the old stuff you don't need anymore, and people give you money for it.

Emilia: We wouldn't get $10,000 for the crib on eBay, okay, William?

William: We can sell the stroller too. I bet we can get $5,000 for the stroller.

Emilia: That's not how it works. You're not going to get all that money for something used when you could get it new for a lot less. That doesn't even make sense.

William: It's not used, though. We never used it. Bailey's dad says-

Emilia: William, I really don't want to talk about selling the baby's things, okay?

William: But that's what it's for.

Emilia: William, shut up! Just shut up about eBay, okay? Leave me alone, please. Just go watch TV or something. Leave me.

Jack: I'm home.

Emilia: In here.

Jack: Thai. Great. Can I give you a hand?

Emilia: I got it under control.

Jack: Yeah?

Emilia: Hello.

Jack: So what'd you guys do today?

Emilia: Oh, built a cold fusion reactor out of swizzle sticks and rubber bands. We had a little thing, actually.

William: Dad, Dad!

Jack: Hey.

William: I missed you so much.

Jack: I missed you too, Will.

Emilia: Who wants to help set the table?

William: Emilia told me to shut up today. And she yelled at me.

Jack: Really? What's going on?

Emilia: William suggested that we sell the baby's things on eBay. The crib and the stroller.

Jack: Okay.

William: Well, we don't have to sell those things. Anything that we're not using is okay. Like, we can sell my old MEGA Bloks, 'cause I don't use those anymore.

Emilia: Yeah, but you didn't say your old MEGA Bloks. You said the baby's things.

Jack: Just a minute, Em. Will, did you really want to sell the baby's things?

Emilia: What? I just told you.

Jack: A minute, Em, please. Will?

William: Well, I wanted to do eBay, and I was trying to think of things we aren't using. So I figured, the baby's dead. She's not gonna be using her stuff anymore. I didn't mean to make Emilia so mad.

Jack: See, Emilia is so sad about the baby that it's hard for her to think about selling the baby's things. And you're right. We don't need them anymore, but she's right too. We're not gonna sell the baby's things.

William: Okay. I'm sorry, Dad.

Jack: I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I know it. And Emilia knows it. And she's sorry too. Right, Emilia?

Emilia: I know I have to clear her room out. I just can't pack up all her stuff yet.

Jack: It's okay.

Emilia: I'm not building a shrine or anything.

Jack: I know. It's okay.

Emilia: I'm sorry I said "shut up." I'm gonna read, okay?

Jack: Okay.

Emilia: Good night.

Jack: Good night.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. old stuff: 旧物品,用作形容词还可以表示“很普通的,不足为奇的”。

例如:I daresay anything he had to say in the lecture would have been old stuff to you.(我敢说,他在演讲里所谈的对你来说必定是老套。)

2. crib: 婴儿床

3. stroller: 折叠式幼儿小推车,也称为pushchair。Stroller一般用来指散布者,流浪者。

4. give a hand: 帮助某人

give someone a big hand则表示“喝彩”

5. get it under control: 这里是说“已经搞定了”

6. cold fusion reactor:冷聚变反应堆

7. swizzle stick: 调酒棒

8. rubber band:橡皮圈,橡皮筋

9. We had a little thing, actually.: 意思是“实际上,我们发生了点儿小摩擦。”

10.set the table: 摆放餐具

例如:Helen and her sister will alternate in setting the table.(海伦和她妹妹将轮流摆餐具准备开饭。)

11.clear the room out: 把房间清空

12.shrine: 圣地;神庙;具有重要意义的地方



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