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《想爱趁现在》A Little Bit of Heaven精讲之五

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baby shower-迎婴聚会



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Marley: Oh, my goodness. Can I have a big hug?

Julian: Hey.

Marley: Did she tell you? God, my mother is a walking mouth. A walking mouth.

Julian: Hello, Cammie. You look very pretty today.

Marley: What do you tell him?

Cammie: And I'm smart.

Marley: Good girl. Good girl. Oh grody, he's peeing!

Julian: So what was this morning about?

Marley: I don't know. I couldn't sleep.

Julian: I know. But why?

Marley: Well, a reminder: I'm dying. Yeah okay, and I haven't helped you, Um, get in touch with all the-- the anger and...

Marley: You know what? Just stop. I'm so not in the mood for a lecture right now.

Julian: Hey! It's obvious that you're scared. It's normal. It's fine.

Marley: Is it normal for doctors to screw their patients? We had a good time. Let's just leave it at that.

Julian: Wow! Whoa, already past tense.

Marley: Well, reality check: It's going to be past tense soon enough.

Julian: Hey, Marley, .. - Mmm. I love you.

Marley: Oh, great. Fantastic. You love me. What kind of guy falls in love with a dying girl?

Julian: Don't diminish what's going on between us, Okay? I know what I'm feeling.

Marley: I do too. I feel smothered and I need you to back off!

Julian: No, no...Are you okay?

Marley: Leave me alone!

Julian: Come on, let me help you.

Marley: I said: Leave me the hell alone! I'm sorry, sweetie.

Cammie: I wanna go home.

Marley: I know. I'm gonna take you home right now. I'm sorry. Let me see. Let me see that beautiful face. Let me see...

Renee: Hey, you're back early.

Cammie: Hi, Mommy.

Renee: Hi, pumpkin. Did you all have fun?

Marley: You're having a party.

Renee: No. Some of the other moms dropped by, Sort of an impromptu thing.

Marley: It's not contagious, you know.

Renee: Of course not. Um-- why don't you go back and play for a little bit.

Marley: Bye, sweetie, I love you.

Cammie: Bye.

Renee: I've just been really busy, you know. With the baby coming and...

Marley: Oh, really? You obviously have time for those women in there.

Renee: That's different. They're...

Marley: What? They're fat, boring and not dying? Want me to make this more palatable for you?

Renee: That's not what I want.

Marley: Are you just angry because you're going to have to find a new babysitter?

Renee: Yeah. Come on. That's exactly what I'm angry about.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. walking mouth: 大喇叭,指的是玛蕾的妈妈很快就告诉了朱利安。

2. grody: (美国俚语)恶劣的、令人讨厌的、令人毛骨悚然的

3. in the mood for: 有情绪去做……,有心境做

4. back off: 让开,也可以指后退、放弃

例如:John was ready for a fight but he backed off at the last minute.(约翰要准备打一仗的,但到最后的时候却退缩了。)

5. Leave me alone: 不要打扰我,让我一个人呆会儿。

6. drop by: 顺便来访

例如:Drop by any time you are in town.(来城里的话就到我这儿来玩。)

7. impromptu: 事先无准备的,即席的

例如:The President gave an impromptu press conference.(总统临时举行记者招待会。)

baby shower-迎婴聚会


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