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The Descendants《后裔》精讲之四

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Matt: Girls, let me go in for just a quick moment alone first. I'll be right out. You were gonna ask for a divorce so you could be with some fucking fuckhead, Brian Speer? Are you kidding me? Who are you? The only thing I know for sure is you're a goddamn liar. So, what do you have to say for yourself? Why don't you go ahead and make a little joke and tell me that I got it all wrong? Tell me again that I'm too out of touch with my feelings and I need to go to therapy. Isn't the idea of marriage to make your partner's way in life a little easier? For me, it was always harder with you, and you're still making it harder. Lying there on a ventilator and fucking up my life. You arerelentless. You know what? I was gonna ask you for a divorce someday. Daddy's little girl. I'm gonna bring your daughters in now. Alex is home from school. Try to be nice, okay? All right, here we go. Okay?

Scottie: Hi, Mom. Look who's here. Say something, Alex. Tell her how you were drunk the other night. Tell her how maybe you're an alcoholic.

Matt: Girls, be serious.

Alex: Hi, Mom. Sorry for being bad. Sorry for wasting your money on expensive private schools. Money you could have been using on facials and massages and sports equipment. Sorry for everything.

Matt: All right.

Alex: I'm sorry we weren't good enough for you, especially Dad.

Matt: Stop it. That's out of line.

The Descendants《后裔》精讲之四

Alex: Or what? You gonna ground me? You gonna ship me off to another boarding school? You gonna give me a time-out?

Matt: I'll tell you what, goddamn it.

Scottie: You got served.

Matt: Scottie, go in the hall.

Scottie: She's the one out of line.

Matt: Go find Sid.

Scottie: He's smoking. I shouldn't be around second-hand smoke.

Matt: Go, let's go. Now, now, now, go.

Alex: Did you spank me?

Matt: You have no right to talk to your mother that way. She's gonna die in a few days. What if those were your last words?

Alex: I have every right to speak to her that way. I'm angry at her. How can you be so forgiving?

Matt: I'll be angry later. Right now let's just think about the good parts. Don't say that stuff in front of your sister. Don't spoil her for Scottie. Say something different.

Alex: Look, Mom, I know that we fought a lot. I just I always wanted to be like you. I am like you. I'm exactly like you.

Matt: You are like her. Mostly in good ways. Maybe some bad ways. Remains to be seen.

Alex: Yes.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. fucking up my life: 把我的生活弄得一团糟。

2. relentless: 残酷的,无情的。

Pressure to cut costs is relentless.(削减成本的压力是残酷的。)

3. facial: 脸部按摩,做面膜。现在美容业日渐发达,许多人会去做massage(按摩)、spa(水疗)或aromatherapy(芳香美疗)。

4. out of line: 出格,过界,没有分寸。

It was so bracing, so shocking, so out of line that I thought it a joke.


5. ground: 关禁闭,禁足。

All aircraft at London Airport were grounded by fog yesterday.(昨天由于大雾伦敦机场所有飞机停飞。)

6. time-out: (对顽皮孩子的)隔离处分。Time-out也可以表示“暂停”。

Concerned that the boy might get hurt, the referee called a time-out.(考虑到男孩可能会受伤,裁判叫了暂停。)

7. spank: 打……的屁股。

If you don't stop disturbing, your buttocks would be spanked.(如果你还不停止捣乱的话,你的屁股就该挨打了。)



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