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The Descendants《后裔》精讲之三

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Matt: Hello? Kai? Mark? It's me, Matt. Hey.

Kai: No, it's not. I'm just saying you always wanna have...

Mark: I'm not a mind reader.

Kai: Wait. Hello?

Matt: It's me, it's Matt.

Kai: Oh, hey, Matt.

Matt: Is this a bad time?

Kai: Uh, no, no, we're just fighting. Uh, come on in. You want coffee? You want something to drink?

Matt: No, thanks.

Mark: Fighting about something stupid.

Kai: It's not stupid.

Mark: It is stupid.

Kai: He wants us to throw parties and have people over, which we do of course, but who winds up doing the work? Me, I do.

Mark: You don't have to do anything. That's the whole point.

Kai: I do.

Mark: It doesn't have to be work. You don't have to clean and buy an outfit.

Kai: I'm supposed to be disgusting?

Mark: And think up a goddamn theme cocktail for every party. We could just invite people over to hang out and drink whatever we have. Let's talk about it later.

Kai: Oh, shit, Matt, is everything okay? Is there any news?

Matt: In fact, there is. I'll tell you about it in a minute. Who is he? Does she love him? Who is he?

Kai: Matt.

Matt: I'm sorry to put you in that position, but I'm not really the one who put you there, am I? I'd like to know who the guy is that my wife was seeing.

Kai: Matt, You're angry.

Matt: You have very keen powers of observation.

Kai: Well, OK, You know what? I think we should talk about this later. I think maybe you just need to cool it.

Matt: Is it Troy? That fucking Neanderthal.

Mark: You don't know him.

Kai: Mark, don't you even. Shame on you. You're supposed to be her friend.

Mark: Well, guess what. I'm Matt's friend too, okay? And this is a unique and dramatic situation, and I would wanna know.

Kai: Yeah, well, don't betray her when she's not even here to defend herself. Matt, look, you might not be able to hear this right now but it's not her fault. Your marriage was not... Just... She was lonely.

Matt: She is gonna talk to me in clichés about women. Nothing is ever a woman's fault. Was it still going on when she had the accident?

Mark: But I stay out of it. Any time Kai would bring it up, I would walk away.

Matt: You what? Probablyegged her on. Add a little drama in your life without any actual risk. Who do you think you're protecting, Kai? She doesn't need your protection. It's over. She's gonna die.

Kai: Don't say that.

Matt: It's true. I was gonna tell you yesterday. She's never gonna wake up. You hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying? She's gone. We're pulling the plug. You were putting lipstick on a corpse.

Mark: Come on, Matt. That's a little intense.

Matt: Does she love him?

Kai: How can you ask about him when she's gonna die? Who cares? Yes, she loves him. Loved him, whatever. She was crazy about him. She was gonna... she was gonna ask you for a divorce.

The Descendants《后裔》精讲之三

Matt: You still haven't told me who he is. I guess it doesn't matter.

Mark: Matt. Matt. Brian Speer. His name's Brian Speer, with two E's.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. mind reader: 能看透他人心思的人。

2. Is this a bad time?: 我是否来得不是时候?

3. throw a party: 举办宴会。

4. wind up: 以……告终。

She wound up her speech with a quotation.(她以一句引言结束她的演讲。)

5. bring it up: 提起,谈到。

Why bring it up now, at a time when we are happy and cozy and don't want to hear unpleasant things?(这会儿我们正在兴头上,不想听到不愉快的事,提这些事干嘛?)

6. egg somebody on: 怂恿。

I didn't want to do it but Tom kept egging me on.(我本不想做那件事, 但汤姆一直怂恿我。)

7. pull the plug:(从临终病人或永久昏迷、无法治疗的脑损伤患者等身上)拆去维持生命的设备。



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