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One Day《真爱挑日子》精讲之一

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Emma: Tilly?

Dexter: Callum!

Emma: Tilly, come on. It's time to go home. Come on.

Dexter: Callum!

Tilly: Ow! (Callum shushes)

Dexter: You know, we've never actually met.

Emma: Actually, we have. Several times.

Dexter: Have we?

Emma: You gatecrashed my birthday party, called me Julie, and spilled red wine down my top.

Dexter: Ouch. Well, I'm sorry about that.

Emma: No, not at all. You were delightful.

Dexter: Was I?

Emma: No. No, you weren't.

Dexter: Look, if you're not Julie, then...

Emma: I'm Emma.

Dexter: Emma.

Emma: Emma Morley.

Dexter: Emma Morley. Listen, I'll walk you home.

Emma: So this is me. Shh! Welcome home. So debate is fine, but anyone can talk... (Dexter kisses Emma) Just sometimes, action's what's needed.

Dexter: To change the world. I completely agree.

Emma: So what are you gonna be when you're, I don't know, 40?

Dexter: Forty? Can I say famous? Horribly rich?

Emma: Terrible. You're so terribly posh.

Dexter: Where are you going?

Emma: I'm just gonna go brush my teeth. You know, booze and fags and...

Dexter: I don't mind.

Emma: I do. Listen, won't be a minute. No playing with yourself while I'm gone.

Dexter: What?

Emma: All right, concentrate. Concentrate. Do not cock this up! Oh, you're going?

Dexter: Well, it's getting light out, so I thought I could just...

Emma: You should go if you want to go. It's very poignant.

Dexter: Really I just thought you might wanna get some sleep. I don't have to go.

Emma: No, no, go. I'm not bothered. Sneak off.

Dexter: I wasn't sneaking off.

Emma: Jump out the windowfor all I care. It's five floors up, mind.

Dexter: Look, I'll stay. All right? I'll stay. Come on.

Emma: Sorry, I'm no good at this. It's just whenever I go to bed with someone, I always end up either laughing or weeping, and it could be nice to go for something in between.

Dexter: Look, that's fine. That's fine. Maybe we could just be friends.

Emma: Okay. Friends.

Dexter: Of course, you know it's Saint Swithin's Day today, don't you?

Emma: What is?

Dexter: Well, today. Saint Swithin's Day, the 15th of July.

Emma: How do you know that?

Dexter: Well, he was buried in Winchester Cathedral, which is where I went to school.

Emma: Well, la-dee-da.

Dexter: La-dee-da. You know, there's a poem. "If on Saint Swithin's Day, it doth rain / something, something, something remain."

Emma: Dexter, that's beautiful.

Dexter: Shut up.

Emma: Let's get some sleep. But, Dex.

Dexter: Em?

Emma: If it doesn't rain...

Dexter: Mmm...hmm?

Emma: Do you want to do something? Me and you?

Dexter: Mmm-hmm.

One Day《真爱挑日子》精讲之一

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. gatecrash: 擅自参加,不请自来,闯入。

2. posh: 漂亮的;优雅的。

3. booze and fags and...: 又是酒又是烟……。fags是“纸烟、香烟”的意思。例如:He gave me a packet of fags.(他给了我一包烟。)

fag还可以表示“苦活,苦差事”。例如:Cleaning ovens is a real fag.(清洗烤箱是一件累人的活。)

4. cock up: 搞糟。看一下例句:She completely cocked up our trip.(她把我们的旅行搞得一团糟。)

5. for all I care: 我才不在乎呢。例如:He may sell whatever is left in the house for all I care.(那房子里剩下的东西他爱卖什么就卖什么,我才不在乎呢。)

6. Saint Swithin's Day: 圣史威逊节,在每年的5月15日。传说每年的这一天若是下雨的话,则会有可能再连续下个四十天的雨。



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