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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之一

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Boss’s assistant: We, uh, just spoke to your immigration attorney.

Margaret: Great. So, we're all good? Everything good?

Boss: Margaret, your visa application has been denied. And you are being deported.

Margaret: Deported?

Boss: And apparently there was also some paperwork that you didn't fill out in time.

Margaret: Come on. Come on! It's not like I'm even an immigrant! I'm from Canada, for Christ's sake. There's gotta be... there's gotta be something we can do.

Boss’s assistant: We can reapply, but unfortunately you have to leave the country for at least a year.

Margaret: OK. OK, well, that's not ideal, but, uh...I can, uh... I can manage everything from Toronto...

Boss: No, Margaret.

Margaret: with videoconferencing and Internet.

Boss’s assistant: Unfortunately, Margaret, if you're deported, you can't work for an American company.

Boss: Until this is resolved I'm going to turn operations over to Bob Spaulding.

Margaret: Bob Spaulding? The guy I just fired?

Boss: We need an editor in chief. He is the only person in the building who has enough experience.

Margaret: You cannot be serious. I beg of you.

Boss: Margaret. We are desperate to have you stay. If there was any way, any way at all that we could make this thing work, we'd be doing it.

Margaret: There is no way...I am begging you.

Boss: No, Margaret. (Knocking) (To Andrew) Excuse me, we're in a meeting.

Andrew: Sorry to interrupt.

Margaret: What? What!

Andrew: Mary from Miss Winfrey's office called. She's on the line.

Margaret: I know.

Andrew: She's on hold. She needs to speak with you right away. I told her you were otherwise engaged. She insisted, so... sorry. So...

Margaret: Uh...Come here. Uh... gentlemen, I understand. I understand...the predicament that we are in. And, um...And there's, uh...well...I think there's something that you should know. Uh... we're, uh... we're getting married. We are getting married.

The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之一

Andrew: Who is getting married?

Margaret: You and I. You and I are getting married! Yes.

Andrew: We are.

Margaret: Getting married.

Andrew: We are getting married.

Margaret: Yes.

Boss’s assistant: Isn't he your secretary?

Andrew: Assistant.

Margaret: Executive, uh... assistant secretary. Titles. But, wouldn't be the first time one of us fell for our secretaries. Would it, Edwin? With Laquisha. Remember? So, yeah... the truth is, you know, Andrew and I, we're... we are just two people who weren't meant to fall in love but we did.

Andrew: No.

Margaret: All those late nights at the office and weekend book fairs. You know…

Andrew: Yeah... No.

Margaret: Something happened.

Andrew: Something.

Margaret: Yeah. Tried to fight it and...Can't, can't fight a...Can't fight a love like ours, so, uh...Uh... are we good with this? Are you happy? Because, well... we are happy. So happy.

Boss: Margaret.

Margaret: Yes?

Boss: It's terrific. Just make it legal. Mmm?

Margaret: Oh! Legal. Yeah, well, then... then that means we...we need to get ourselves to the immigration office. So we can work this whole mess out. Right? Thank you very much, gentlemen. We will do that right away. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Thank you.

Andrew: Gentlemen.

Margaret: Thank you.

Colleagues: Margaret and Andrew are getting married!

What is that about?

Dragon Lady! Here they come...


What is he thinking?


Dude, for real. Her?

Married? Didn't even know they were dating...

Margaret: What?

Andrew: I don't understand what's happening.

Margaret: Relax. This is for you, too.

Andrew: Do explain.

Margaret: They were going to make Bob chief.

Andrew: So naturally I would have to marry you.

Margaret: And what's the problem? Like you were saving yourself for someone special?

Andrew: I like to think so. Besides, it's illegal.

Margaret: They're looking for terrorists, not for book publishers.

Andrew: Margaret.

Margaret: Yes?

Andrew: I'm not gonna marry you.

Margaret: Sure you are. Because if you don't marry me, your dreams of touching the lives of millions with the written word are dead. Bob is gonna fire you the second I'm gone. Guaranteed. That means you're out on the street alone looking for a job. That means all the time that we spent together, all the lattes, all the canceled dates, all the midnight Tampax runs, were all for nothing and all your dreams of being an editor are gone. But don't worry, after the required allotment of time, we'll get a quickie divorce and you'll be done with me. But until then, like it or not, your wagon is hitched to mine. OK? Phone.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. deport: 驱逐出境。看一下例子:Even if they didn't put her in jail, they would deport her.(即使他们不把她关入监狱,他们也会把她驱逐出境。)

Deport如果和oneself连用,意思是“持……举止”,例如:She deports herself like a lady.(她的举止像淑女。)

2. videoconferencing: 可视会议,视频会议

3. turn ... over to sb.: 把……移交给某人。例如:He turned the business over to his two children.(他把生意交给了他的两个孩子经营。)

4. on hold: 等着通电话。例如:Put him on hold.(让他等一下。)

On hold也有“暂缓,推迟,搁置”的意思。例如:We’ve put the project on hold for a month.(我们已把这个计划暂时搁置一个月。)

5. predicament: 尴尬的处境,困境。请看例子:She was in a predicament when she missed the last train home.(当她错过最后一班回家的火车时,陷入了困境。)

6. fall for sb.: 爱上某人。例如:She fell for him in a big way.(她完全迷上了他。)

7. dragon lady: 凶悍的女人。显然同事们口中说的凶女人就是Margaret。

8. guaranteed: 必定的,肯定的。例如:It's guaranteed to rain.(肯定是要下雨的。)

9. all for nothing: 徒劳。

10. allotment: 份额。请看例子:Your allotment was three hundred dollars.(你名下分到三百元。)

11. quickie: 匆匆的。quickie也可以作名词用,意思是“仓促所做的事”。

12. done with sb./sth.: 了结,完成。影片中Margaret指一旦危机度过,她就会迅速和Andrew离婚,两人间的这段关系就可以了结。例如:He is done with politics—he’s moving to the country to become a farmer.(他再也不愿过问政治了——他正把家迁往乡间,到那儿去当农夫。)又如:Have you done with the newspaper?(你看完报纸了吗?)

13. your wagon is hitched to mine: 我们是同坐一条船的人。



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