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Anheuser: You just said that, Mom. You just said that. You don't remember that you just said that? That's okay. Listen, Mom. I'll call you next week, same time. Okay? Take care now. Take care of yourself.

Adrian: Sir. I think you need to see this. I thought they'd give you an extra ticket, Sir.

Anheuser:They did. But my mother is almost 89. She's in a wheelchair. And she is easily confused. And I am confident that she'll want to meet her maker on her own terms. Okay?

Adrian: Yes, sir. Who are you bringing?

Anheuser: Nobody. My ex-wife said she never wanted to see me again. So be it. We could bring people that contribute.

Man on TV: ... has been damaged by a series of major earthquakes. The death toll is expected to be well over 2 million people. The devastation in Rio de Janeiro is beyond imagination. Two 8.5 tremors have left the people in the street fighting for resources. In the last hour we received this video from Globo News, Brazil. What's happening? My God! The statue of Christ is collapsing! Fear and chaos have spread throughout the globe. As in London, where the 30th Olympic Games has been suspended. Hundreds of thousands are marching towards 10 Downing Street demanding a lift of the information blackout proposed by the Prime Minister.

Adrian: Thousands of calls to the switchboard. We had to shut it down.

Man on TV: We're receiving reports from all across the globe. Millions of distraught masses are gathering in public places everywhere, converging in desperate prayer. Preachers of many faiths have taken their message of the end of the world to the streets all over the U.S.

Anheuser: Repent. There is still time. Kind of gaulling when you realize the nutbags with the cardboard signs had it right the whole time.

Adrian: All these people out there, sir. Shouldn't we be issuing warnings now?

Anheuser: Only when the boarding process is complete.That's the plan. British Columbia 2010, remember?

Adrian: Sir, those plans were drawn up 2 years ago. Okay, everybody out. Come on, get out. Wasn't it also decided that people have the right to fight for their lives, best way they can?

Anheuser: After we get everyone on board, Adrian.

Adrian: I think that's wrong.

Anheuser: Want to tell everyone they're doomed? There'd be anarchy. You want to jeopardize the departure of the president? Our mission is to assure the continuity of our species. My question: Can I count on you? Can I? What?

Official: The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted, sir. The ash cloud will reach Washington in 7 hours.

Anheuser: We've got to get away. Where is the president, Sally?

Sally: Said he wanted to spend some time alone. I think he's at the chapel.

Anheuser: He's going to church now?

Sally: He's praying, sir. Which is not such a bad idea.

Anheuser: Mr. President. I need to get you on Air Force One immediately.

President: Give me a moment with Adrian.

Anheuser: No disrespect sir, we do not have time.

President: Make time. Did you ever meet my wife, Dorothy?

Adrian: No sir, I never had that honor.

President: She was in and out towards the end. The night before she passed on, she took my hand and told me: "I think you should have a lottery. Everyone should have a chance to go." Maybe that's what we should have done. I'll be the last president of the United States of America. Do you know how that feels, son?

Adrian: No one could have saved the country, sir. And I think, I think people have a right to know.

President: Don't worry, I'll take care of that. Go on now.

Adrian: Not without you, sir.

President: Get on that plane, son. It's a brave new world you head into. And a young scientist will be worth 20 old politicians.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. Meet one’s maker: 见上帝,去世。在这里, make就是指“上帝”。


2. on one's own terms:根据自己的主张。

而on speaking terms则是指“泛泛之交,仅仅相识而已”。

3. So be it:那就这样吧。

4. death toll:死亡人数。

例如:The death toll mounted to 100.(死亡人数上升至100人。).

5. blackout:新闻封锁。

此外,blackout还可以表示“灯火管制”。例如:The streets were not lighted at night during the blackout.(灯火管制期间,夜晚街道没有照明。)

6. switchboard:电话总机。

7. distraught:心急如焚的;发狂的。

在这里,distraught masses是指“发狂的群众”。

8. repent:忏悔,后悔。例如:Bitterly did we repent our decision.(我们非常后悔做此决定。)

9. nutbag:An eccentric or odd person; Someone who is insane; A person who is obsessed with something(行为古怪的人,疯子)

10.doomed:命中注定的,天数已尽的。例如:The project is doomed to fail.(这计划注定要失败。)

11.anarchy:无政府状态,政治混乱。例如:It is said that the country is in anarchy.(据说那个国家处于无政府状态。)

12.make time: 挤时间,抽空。

13.pass on:去世,一种讳称。



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