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Knowing 《先知》精讲之六
[ 2009-12-25 17:14 ]





Man on TV: India is a better bet than the US or Europe, and that the dollar will continue its long slide...This is an Emergency Broadcast Transmission. This is not a test. This is an Emergency Broadcast Transmission.

General: Today, NOAA has concluded...

Diana: Turn that up!

General: The solar flares may last longer and cause more damage to our infrastructure than we originally thought. We're recommending that people stay indoors until further notice. Bring your pets inside. Stock up on extra water and, if possible, seek out fortified underground shelter.

Reporter: General, what time is it happening?  General, excuse me...

General: The shelters we have are currently overwhelmed. The best advice we can offer the public is to seek your own.

Reporter: Sir!  One more question about the warning.

General: We are assessing this information as it becomes available. It was only recently confirmed.

Reporter: Where is the President?

General: The President and his staff are currently being transported to a secure location.

Koestler: Hello?

Caleb: Dad?

Koestler: Caleb, are you okay? Tell me exactly where you are.

Caleb: We're at a gas station. I don't know where.

Man on TV: The damage information regarding the destructive power of these flares is a scientific matter, and I'm not gonna speculate...

Caleb: Are you coming with us?

Koestler: I need you to stay right there. Get me an...

Diana: Caleb, get back to the car now.

Knowing 《先知》精讲之六

Koestler: Caleb?

Diana: John?

Koestler: Where are you?

Diana: We're in Westford. I'm sorry. I had to do this for Abby and for Caleb. I'm taking them to the caves.

Koestler: I found the numbers! They're the location of your mother's mobile home. That's where we've got to go.

Diana: Don't do this to me. Please.

Koestler: I know how it sounds.

Diana: You want us to head toward the place where this is supposed to happen?  Are you insane?

Koestler: It's a chance we gotta take or we're all gonna die! Stay where you are! I'll be right there!

Diana: No! If we go to the caves, we have a chance! You said the sun can't reach that far!

Koestler: The caves won't save us! Nothing can! The radiation will penetrate a mile into the Earth's crust! Do you hear me? Our only shot is to go where the numbers want us to go. It's what we're meant to do!

Diana: No, I don't believe you! I'm taking the children! We have to save the children!

Koestler: Don't you move, Diana! Caleb is my son, and I'll decide where he goes! Diana! Caleb! Are you there?

Diana: Abby! Help! Somebody took my daughter! Abby!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. bet: 赌注。

Bet可以用来表示确信某件事情会发生,例如:I bet it will rain tomorrow.(我相信明天一定会下雨。)

而a good/safe bet则表示“很可能会发生的事,有望成功的事”。

2. fortified:防御性强的,牢固的。

例如:After praying quietly he faced his difficulties with a fortified spirit.(默默地祈祷后, 他面对困难的勇气倍增。)

3. underground shelter:地下掩体,地下防空洞。

防空洞还可以用air raid shelter来表示。

4. overwhelmed:覆盖,淹没。


此外,overwhelmed还可以表示“不知所措的;受宠若惊,简直不能相信的”。例如:Your kindness quite overwhelmed me.(你的好意使我感激难言。)

5. gas station:加油站。

6. Earth's crust:地壳。

在Earth’s crust之下是earth's mantle(地幔),以及earth core(地核)。

7. shot:机会,尝试。

例如:If I had the chance to go, I'd take it like a shot.(我要是有机会去,我就不犹豫。)


a shot in the arm:鼓舞的力量;令人振奋的事情;强心针

The money was a shot in the arm for the company.(这笔钱对这家公司来说真是雪中送炭。)

like a shot:飞快地,毫不犹豫

He accepted the offer like a shot.(他迫不及待地接受了这一提议。)

a shot across the/somebody's bows:(若不改变就会有某种后果的)警告

Supporters are firing a warning shot across the President's bows. 支持者们向总统发出警告。



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