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17 Again《重回17岁》精讲之一

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Murphy: O'Donnell, save something for the game.

Mike: I'm just warming up, coach.

Murphy: Just talked to the scout again. He's coming tonight. You play half the game I know you're capable of, he's prepared to offer you a full scholarship. Free ride to college and the world's your oyster, kid.

Mike: Thanks, coach.

Murphy: All right, jockstraps, let's gather up. Picture time. Try not to break the camera.

Mike: We gotta hang on. Ned's not here yet.

Teammate: Who cares? He's the water boy.

Mike: That doesn't matter, because he's part of the team.

Ned: Sorry I'm late! Sorry I'm late! But what kind of Dungeon Master would I be if I left my party in the middle of a battle with a hippogriff?

Teammate: Check it out, it's Merlin the Girlin.

Mike: Um, Ned, Ned, look, I'm your best friend, all right, and I'll always have your back. But there's only so much I can do when you show up in a dress.

Murphy: O'Donnell. How about you and Boy George join us for this picture?

Mike: Yep. Yep. Just one sec.

Photographer: Give the little guy the sign, please. Here we are. Nice, guys. Scoot up in back. Come on, you gotta look pretty for the ladies, right? Come on. Yeah. Let's do it. Three, two, one.

(Ned jumps up)

17 Again《重回17岁》精讲之一

Murphy: Hey, Vanilla Ice. We got a game here. Let's bring it in.

Mike: Man, I had to. I had to. Oh, man, over there. Who is that stone-cold fox? Oh, it's my girlfriend.

Man: Take no prisoners, bro.

Mike: Oh, hey, there's my girl.

Scarlet: Hey.

Mike: I'm glad you're here, Scar. This whole scout thing has me wicked nervous. I just feel like my whole future's riding on this game.

Scarlet: Yeah. Yeah, I know how you feel.

Mike: Yeah? Is everything...? Everything's cool, right?

Scarlet: Oh, yeah. Everything's totally copacetic.

Mike: Totally?

Scarlet: Totally.

Murphy: O'Donnell.

Mike: I gotta go. See you. You okay?

Scarlet: Uh, uh...You know, we can talk about it later.

Mike: No. Just tell me.

Scarlet: No, it's your big night. Go enjoy it.

Mike: I can't enjoy it unless you tell me what's going on.

Scarlet: Okay. Um...

Man: O'Donnell!

Teammate: Wake up!

Murphy: O'Donnell! What are you doing?

Mike: Scar! Scar, hey. Hey, Scarlet. Hey, hey. Hey, what are you doing?

Scarlet: Mike, what are you doing?

Mike: Look, you and me, we're in this together, okay?

Scarlet: But the game. That's your future.

Mike: No, the baby's my future.

Scarlet: That's crazy.

Mike: You're my future.

Scarlet: No. I can't let you throw this all away. I won't let you throw away...(Mike kisses Scarlet)

17 Again《重回17岁》精讲之一

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. warm up: (为体育活动或表演)做适应性练习,做准备活动;热身。看一下例子:The singers are warming up before the concert.(歌唱家们正在做音乐会前的练唱。)

此外,warm up还可以表示“把(已冷的饭菜)重新加热”或“(使)活跃起来,兴奋起来,友好起来”。例如:

warm up yesterday's stew(把昨天的炖菜回一回锅)

It takes an hour or so for some children to warm up to strangers.


2. scout: 球探,即物色优秀运动员的人。

3. the world's your oyster: 整个世界都是你的,世界尽在你掌握之中。教练的意思是打好这场球赛,麦克的前途就一片光明。

4. jockstrap: <美俚><常贬>(尤指大学的)运动员。

5. hang on: 等一下;停一下。例如:Hang on and I'll come with you.(等一下,我这就和你一起去。)除了表示“等待片刻”之外,hang on还可以表示“(打电话时)不挂断”和“坚持,不放弃”。

6. water boy: 给运动员递水的男孩。

7. I'll always have your back: 我会一直挺你的。

8. scoot up: 往前挪挪。

9. wicked: 用作加强语气用。

10. copacetic: <美口> 太平的,一切舒齐的;极好的;令人满意的。影片中Scarlet为了让Mike专心比赛,就骗他说一切都好。看一下例子:Life is pleasant here, totally copacetic.(这里生活很愉快,太称心如意了。)



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