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Up in the air《在云端》精讲之一

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本片段剧情: 瑞恩是一名裁员专家,他的工作就是搭乘飞机奔赴各地为公司解聘职员,并避免法律纠纷。因此他的大部分时间都是在飞机和旅途中度过的。他人生的目标则是乘坐飞机积攒的英里数达到100万,从而晋升为白金会员。此外,他还是一名小有名气的励志演讲家,来看看他的“背包理论”吧。

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Ryan: Poor Steve has worked here for seven years. He's never had a meeting with me before or passed me in the hall or told me a story in the break room. And that's because I don't work here. I work for another company that lends me out to pussies like Steve's boss who don't have the balls to sack their own employees, and in some cases, for good reason. Because people do crazy shit when they get fired.

Steve: Did I do something wrong? I mean, is there something I could do differently here?

Ryan: This is not an assessment of your productivity. You gotta try not to take this personally.

Steve: "Don't take it personally."

Ryan: Steven, I want you to review this packet. Take it seriously. I think you're gonna find a lot of good answers in here. I'm sure this is gonna be very helpful, a packet.

Steve: Thank you. A packet.

Ryan: Well, anybody who ever built an empire or changed the world sat where you are right now. And it's because they sat there they were able to do it. That's the truth. I'm gonna need your keycard. Great. Okay. Now, I want you to take the day, go get together your personal things, and then tomorrow, you get yourself some exercise. You go out for a jog, you give yourself some routines, and pretty soon you find your legs.

Steve: How do I get in touch with you?

Ryan: Don't worry, we'll be in touch with you soon. This is just the beginning. I'll never see Steve again. Thank you. To know me is to fly with me. This is where I live. When I run my card, the system automatically prompts the desk clerk to greet me with this exact statement.

Clerk: Pleasure to see you again, Mr. Bingham.

Ryan: It's these kinds of systemized, friendly touches that keep my world in orbit. All the things you probably hate about traveling, the recycled air, the artificial lighting, the digital juice dispensers, the cheap sushi, are warm reminders that I'm home.

Waitress: Do you want the cancer?

Ryan: The what?

Waitress: Do you want the cancer?

Ryan: The cancer?

Waitress: The can, sir?

Ryan: No. I'm fine, thank you. How much does your life weigh? Imagine for a second that you're carrying a backpack. I want you to feel the straps on your shoulders. Feel them? Now I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have in your life. You start with the little things, the things on shelves and in drawers, the knickknacks, the collectibles. Feel the weight as that adds up. Then you start adding larger stuff, clothes, tabletop appliances, lamps, linens, your TV. The backpack should be getting pretty heavy now. And you go bigger. Your couch, bed, your kitchen table. Stuff it all in there. Your car, get it in there. Your home, whether it's a studio apartment or a two-bedroom house, I want you to stuff it all into that backpack. Now try to walk. It's kind of hard, isn't it? This is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We weigh ourselves down until we can't even move. And make no mistake, moving is living. Now, I'm gonna set that backpack on fire. What do you want to take out of it? Photos? Photos are for people who can't remember. Drink some ginkgo and let the photos burn. In fact, let everything burn and imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing. It's kind of exhilarating, isn't it?

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. break room: 休息室,茶水间。

2. pussy: 猫,小姑娘。瑞恩在这里的意思是“我在另一家公司工作,为斯蒂夫的老板这样的懦夫出面。”

3. have the balls to do: 有胆量。

Balls在这里比喻“勇气、胆量”。例如:I don't have the balls to say that.(我可没有胆量那样说。)

4. keycard: 门卡,钥匙卡。

5. take the day: 今天休息,在这里相当于take the day off。瑞恩在这里的意思是“我要你今天就开始休息。”

6. find one's legs: 对自己的能力开始有信心,找到方向,在社会上站稳脚跟。

我们在说幼儿find one's legs时,通常指幼儿开始能站立、行走。而find one's sea-legs则指“开始不晕船,(经过初期晕船后)开始习惯于船上的颠簸”。

7. run the card: 刷卡。

8. recycled air:循环空气。


9. dispenser:自动售货机。

我们平时所说的ATM自动取款机全称为automated teller machine,也称为cash machine。

10.sushi: 寿司,日本食物,小饼状冷米饭配生鱼片等。

11.weigh down: 压垮,过度忧虑。

此外,weigh down还可以用来表示“加强”,例如:Jane weighed down her repertory with these plays.(简加上这几出戏,使她的演出剧目得到了加强。)


to weigh one's words 斟酌措词

to weigh on sb 使某人心情沉重

to weigh anchor 起锚



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