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Ben: After my breakup with Suzy, I just couldn't fall asleep anymore. The more I tried to sleep, the less tired I felt. I was wide awake. I tried everything. I'd just become immune to sleep. I suddenly found I had eight extra hours. My life had been extended by a third. I wanted time to pass quickly, but instead I was forced to witness the passing of every second of every hour. I wanted the hurt I felt to go away. But in some cruel trick of events, I now had even more time on my hands. More time to think about Suzy.

TV: Would you mind getting out? Just checking that wheel?


Ben: I took the bus with no real place to go. I watched the landscape slowly change as it clung to the last hours of sunlight, before leaving me to get another sleepless night. I started to read all the books I wished I'd had time to read. With the extra hours, I even had time to reread my favorite ones. But she was never far from my mind.

Sharon: Two pounds 75, please.

Ben: Ah, how much is it without these two?

Sharon: One pound 70.

Ben: It was getting obvious that I needed to trade some of my time.

Mr. Jenkins: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mmm, mmm, mmm. It all looks fantastic, man. I think you'll fit in very well here. It's a great feeling inside, Ben. It's marvelous. We hope you've enjoyed reading about what it's like to be part of Sainsbury's and listening. I know, I've been through this with you. There's so many opportunities, Ben. It's a life thing. (Voice fading)

Ben: I could feel a faint shift in a faraway place. A current of unknown consequences was on its way moving towards me like an unstoppable wave of fate.

Mr. Jenkins: T-e-a-m-w-o-r-k. Work. Teamwork, Ben. Welcome aboard.

Ben: And so I started working the night shift at Sainsbury's. During the hours most normal people are sleeping, I'm busy trading my time. I give them my extra eight hours, and they give me money. Cash back.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. be immune to: 对……免疫,对……有免疫力。immune也可以表示“不受……影响的”。请看例子:A full life is immune against boredom.(充实的生活无腻烦之虞。)

2. cling to: 紧紧抓住。请看例子:She wore a silk dress that clung to her figure.(她穿了一件紧身的丝绸衣服。)

cling to也常用来表示“坚持,忠实于”。看一下例子:

After so many years, he was clinging to the hope that she would return.


3. be through: 完成。through也可以作形容词用,be through with sth.可以表示“完成、结束了某事”,也可以表示“和某人断交,戒绝某事物”。例如:

Are you through with your letter?(你信写完了吗?)

Pearl and I are through.(珀尔和我吹了。)

4. Welcome aboard: 欢迎加入我们。onboard是“上船,上车,上飞机”的意思,在这里是比喻用法。类似的用法还有:We are on/in the same boat.(我们是一根线上的蚂蚱。)

5. night shift: 夜班。同理,day shift则是“日班”。shift有“轮班”的意思。看一下例子:She works on the night shift.(她上夜班。)

shift还可以表示“手段,办法,权宜之计”,例如:The lazy man tried every shift to avoid doing his work.(这懒汉采取各种手段回避工作。)



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