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Ben: It takes approximately 500 pounds to crush a human skull. But the human emotion is a much more delicate thing. Take Suzy, my first real girlfriend. My first real breakup, happening right in front of me. I never thought it was going to be similar to a car crash. I've slammed the brakes, and I'm skidding towards an emotional impact. So is this all my fault? Me. Ben Willis. It's funny what goes through your mind at a time like this. The two-and-a-half years we spent together. The promises we made. The holidays we took with her parents. The lamp we bought at Ikea together. It was my final year at art college. And in the weeks that followed the breakup, I tried to figure out what went wrong. Why did we break up? It's funny, but when I think back now the reason seems so small. One day she's with me, and she's saying "I love you," and the next week she's with someone else. Probably saying the same thing. So did she really love me? What is love anyway? And is it really that fleeting?

Sean: Forget about her. You don't wanna waste your time thinking about a girl that dumped you for a loser like Steve Jenkins.

Ben: She didn't dump me.

Sean: Why did she chuck you anyway?

Ben: It ended 'cause Suzy thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. She's always worrying about there being a better party to go to. Or a better boyfriend to be had. I just felt I could never make her happy.

Ben and Sean (at the same time): And then Steve Jenkins started texting her.

Sean: How did Steve Jenkins get her number?

Ben: It was a good point. I only imagined the worst. I don't want to think about it.

Sean: You need to go out with a beautiful girl. A model or something.

Ben: Why?

Sean: Well, because if you've got a beautiful girl on your arm, then you must be worth having. Women are in competition with each other, you see. Suzy sees you with a sexy baby, she'll think to herself "If I can get Ben back from that beautiful girl, then I must be more beautiful than her."

Ben: Sean's success with women was pretty impressive.

Sean: It's true. Ask your mom.


妙语佳句 活学活用

1. breakup: 分手,(婚约等的)破裂。例如:At last, it led to the breakup of marriage.(最后这件事导致了离婚。)

2. skid: 滑行。看一下例子:I tried to brake and we skidded into the ditch.(我试图煞车,结果我们向一侧滑到沟里。)影片中Ben用撞车的比喻来形容失恋给他带来的巨大震撼和痛苦。

3. fleeting: 转瞬即逝的,短暂的。影片中女友的突然离去让Ben对爱情产生了怀疑。看一下例子:There was a fleeting moment of suspicion on his face.(他脸上闪过一丝怀疑的神色。)另外,我们常说的“光阴似箭”就是Time is fleeting。

4. chuck: 抛弃。看一下例子:Was she willing to chuck everything to run north?(她情愿抛弃一切跑到北方去吗?)

chuck也可以表示“放弃,辞掉(工作等)”。例如:chuck (up) a job(辞掉工作)

chuck也可以作名词用,the chuck表示“辞退,解雇”,例如:He tried his best to get you to give me the chuck.(他想法设法要你辞退我。)

5. text: 给……发短信。表示“发短信”也可以用sending text message或text messaging。看一下例子:The driver admitted he was texting seconds before the accident.(司机承认,事发几秒钟前他在发短信。)



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