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THE WEEK Jan 3: New year, New York

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. The new year started with a bang across the world as people celebrated the coming of the year of the horse. New York City is one particular location where the year is brought in with a bang with the annual dropping of the ball in Times Square.

To Eric, who is from New York City, watching the ball drop in Times Square is a tradition. But enough about the new year and Eric.

We will remember you

With the new year comes a new mayor for the Big Apple. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was known as the nanny mayor is now replaced by newly sworn in Bill de Blasio. Bloomberg was apart from being known as a billionaire businessman made headlines across the world by trying to ban various things in New York City. Bloomberg successfully banned smoking in all public places, traffic in Times Square and trans fats in foods. He almost succeeded in banning loud headphones and large sized sodas.

I got my money

Right before the new year, Chinese millionaire and sometimes crazed philanthropist Chen Guangbiao was seen showing off 16 tons of money set up in stacks. Chen again showed up in the news on New Year's Day declaring that he is interested in purchasing the New York Times. Unfortunately for Chen, who is valued at about $740 million, the New York Times isn't too keen to sell, on top of that, Chen doesn't have enough money.

The Baozi effect

While Chen's New Year's start may not be off to great beginning, Beijing steamed bun shop Qing Feng is looking to have a great year after a seemingly random visit by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and President of China, Xi Jinping. President Xi ordered 6 steam buns, a plate of pig liver, and a dish of vegetables. The location where President Xi ate his meal is now enshrined. There's no word if the price for the President Xi meal will go up, like the Cameron Combo and the Biden Presidential meal.

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