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THE WEEK Mar 7: Adele who?

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Who is Adele Dazeem?

During the 86th annual Academy Awards, the Oscars, movie star Leonardo DiCaprio was once again the loser after losing out best actor to Matthew McConaughey. DiCaprio has lost out on best actor multiple times before. However. DiCaprio’s lost wasn’t the worst or most memorable thing during the awards show, that honor belongs to Mr. John Travolta. The Pulp Fiction Star had a moment of dyslexia where he ended up calling musician Idina Menzel by another name, Adele Dazeem. The name is no where close to Menzel’s real name. Since his flub, Adele Dazeem has become an internet sensation.

We’re clean “Per Se”

Per Se, a French restaurant in New York City has been called the best restaurant in New York City by many esteemed establishments such as the New York Times. Despite it’s amazing reputation, Per Se has failed its health inspection! A restaurant where it costs about $310 per person, failing its health inspection is just ridiculous. In China, food safety is a major concern, so much so that the top restaurants in China are only in business because they can guarantee that their restaurants are clean and safe. For a top tier restaurant like Per Se to fail its health inspection is just plain embarrassing.

Mirroring an idol!

Anhui man Zhang Yidong is a big fan of Chinese role model Lei Feng. Lei Feng, a popular person in modern Chinese history was best known for doing good deeds and being eager to help people. Zhang who idolizes Lei has decided to use cosmetic surgery to change his face to look more like Lei, he has finished the first phase of his surgery. Hopefully his surgery will make in more like Lei on the inside as well as on the outside.


Plain: easy to see or understand


Jack: Bieber was arrested for drunk driving.

Gill: That is just plain stupid.

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