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THE WEEK April 4: Alright alright alright

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Anti-Grand Theft Auto politician arrested for GTA style crimes

Chinese American politician Leland Yee has been suspended from his duties at the California State Congress. Yee who was at one point poised to be the next State Secretary, often campaigned against violent video games. He was also a strong voice for gun control. However it turns out Yee is a hypocrite. He was busted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for trying to sell an undercover agent connections to an international gun dealer in return for campaign contributions. Yee was also said to be working with a known Chinese criminal Raymond Chow also known as Shrimp Boy.

Zombie ham

Recently it was reported that foreign TV shows broadcasted online in China may have to face new regulations. These regulations have been making the rounds on foreign blogs and websites however they haven’t been enacted. Which means Chinese fans of foreign shows such as the Walking Dead are still able to view them as they are, unedited. Shows such as the Walking Dead deal with graphic violence and subject matter, however that is exactly what the Walking Dead, just a TV show. In the show, post apocalyptic zombies are seen eating all the time, turns out they’re only eating decorated hams! Hams made to look like something a zombie would eat. So in reality the Walking Dead is really tame.

I’m not fat, I’m big boned

Recently Japan’s ChoKi ChoKi men’s fashion magazine has come out with an article saying that heavier set men will soon become the most eligible bachelors in the country. Japan like most other Asian countries tend to value skinnier, slender, and all around more fit men but according to ChoKi ChoKi that is set to change with the rise of the Sausage Bread Boys. Named after a mainstay of Asian Bakeries, a bread roll with a hotdog/sausage in the middle, the term is used to describe bigger men who are a mix of fat and muscle. This trend hasn’t started yet and isn’t anywhere near coming over to China.

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