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Chimpanzees throw tantrums 黑猩猩会发脾气

美国科学家们发现黑猩猩会因自己做出了错误的决定而感到无比沮丧。来自杜克大学的研究人员和黑猩猩做了几个有赏游戏,结果发现输了游戏的猩猩都会发脾气。以下是来自 Victoria Gill 的报道:


The Duke University team designed two games - one to test patience and the other assessing risk-taking.

The second was a sort of gambling game where the forty chimps and bonobos the team studied were offered a choice between a safe option - six peanuts hidden under a bowl - or a risky option. The second bowl concealed either a slice of cucumber or a much tastier piece of banana, and that prize wasn't revealed until the ape had made its choice.

When one chimp, named Timi, gambled and got the cucumber, he threw what looked and sounded very much like a tantrum. Although some were more stoic than Timi, many of the animals involved showed an emotional response to a bad decision - anxiously scratching themselves or calling out.

The study, the scientists say, suggests that emotions like frustration and regret - so fundamental to our own decisions - are not uniquely human, but are an important and ancient part of ape society.

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