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1. British people often refer to going away on a short holiday as a what?

a) a gotaway

b) a getaway

c) a goneaway

d) a getout

2. Which phrase describes a holiday where you feel as relaxed as you do at home?

a) a holiday home

b) a home comfort

c) a home from home

d) a homestead

3. What happens when you go on a busman's holiday?

a) You do a similar activity to the one you do at work

b) You travel by bus to your holiday destination

c) When you are on your holiday, you do a lot of driving

d) You stay in very cramped conditions, like on a bus

4. If your holiday turns out to be 'a holiday from hell', what happened?

a) The holiday was great.  

b) The food was amazing.

c) The holiday was not as good as expected - the flight was delayed, it rained the whole time and the hotel room was dirty.

d) The sun shone everyday. 

5. Some types of holiday are arranged by a travel company for a fixed price that includes the cost of your hotel and transport, and sometimes meals and entertainment. What are they called?

a) a packaged holiday

b) a packing holiday

c) a package holiday

d) a packed holiday

6. The word 'holiday' as a noun describes time away from home, relaxing and enjoying yourself but what is the verb form of 'holiday'?  Which of the following sentences does NOT correctly describe the act of having a holiday?

a) I'm heading off to the UK for my holiday

b) I'm going to take a holiday in the Maldives

c) I'm going on the holiday to France

d) I'm holidaying in Italy this year


1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) c, 5) c, 6) c.


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